Friday, March 23, 2012


I lost 24 hours. It was Penelope Vs. A Mega-Bug, and Penelope lost. Let's just say that by the end of the day, my tiara was slightly skewed on top of my head. Still there, but hanging on by a thread.

On the bright side, I think I lost about 5 pounds in a day. Woo hoo!

Onto more important news items....

1. I have now developed a crush on Anthony LaPaglia in the television show Without A Trace. I watched a lot of TV yesterday, and there must have been a WAT marathon. For some strange and unknown reason, I am now totally hot for this dude. And he doesn't even have a beard!

2. For the last year, I have been sending smart-ass tweets to Craig Engler, a senior executive at Syfy who has a twitter account. He has 117,895 followers and has totally ignored me. Until yesterday. He posted a tweet saying that he was "kicking around ideas for Syfy pinboards...any suggestions?" I answered, "Decapitated heads?" And he responded, "Probably not." Did you hear that? He responded! And here's proof.....

I think the decapitated head Pinboard is spot-on. But, whatever. Last year he asked for a tagline for the Syfy movie Rage of the Yeti, and I responded "Yeti Will Make You Dead-y" which I personally think should have won the contest. Yeti will make you deady! Come on! But noooooo.....he totally ignored me.

3. I have downloaded a ton of books this week. One is a romance with a weenie dog in it. One is about an older couple (love those). Some are funky, quirky shorties. I'll keep you posted.

4. Yesterday morning, I was too sick to get the kids off to school. They were on their own. So, my husband woke my son and daughter before he left for work. I dragged myself out of bed to peek at them and make sure they were doing okay, and I saw a plate with a muffin cut up into quarters and a glass of milk sitting on the kitchen counter. This is how I "prepare" Cristian's breakfast in the morning. I laughed and said "Who did this?" And Natty, my 9 year old, said, "I did it. I made Cristian his breakfast." How cute is that? She's my munchkin.

5. I was tagged by Casey Wyatt in a Facebook post. I'm supposed to go to page 77 in my WIP, go to line 7, and copy the next 7 sentences. So, from pg. 77 of Lumberjack in Love....

     "How do you do this?" Ami walked over to one of the ladders and ran her fingers over the silky smooth wood. "Is this all done by hand?"

     Marcus chuckled. "Some of it I do by hand, especially notching and hewing the rough-cut timber. But I also have a wood-working studio next to the cabin. It's fully outfitted with powers tools. Depends on the project."

(Can you tell this is a book about a lumberjack? hee hee)

All right, my little chickadees. Stay safe out there!