Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sci Fi Amuse Bouche of the Day

I have downloaded quite a few freebie and cheapie books in the last couple of days. Two of them I DNFed yesterday (one had too much sex and not enough story, and one of them had the most irritating character I've ever read and I just couldn't take it anymore). 

But one of them, God bless its delightful soul, kicked total ass. Invasion of Blood by Joseph Mazzenga is a super tasty sci fi amuse bouche. I don't always love sci fi books....especially the ones that try to combine sci fi with romance or erotica. It's difficult to squeeze in a love scene when a four-headed alien is trying to terminate you. But this short little story is superb. It is extremely well-written, has fabulous imagery, perfect pacing and suspense, and a totally fantastic twist at the end. It's the perfect sci fi bite. And it accomplishes what any good amuse bouche makes me want more tasty treats from this author. (Joe told me he has a paranormal coming out soon....can't wait to read it!).

Invasion of Blood is only $1.95 for Kindle right now--which is a steal. This is a straight-up sci fi/ romance. Can't recommend this one highly enough. If you're in the mood for a quick bite (that tastes a little bit like a juicy blueberry tart), then you should definitely check this baby out.

Grade: A

Happy Hippity-Humpity Day,