Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Books Are A Uniquely Portable Magic"

Who said this quote? Was it...

A) J K Rowling
B) Ernest Hemingway
C) Charlotte Bronte
D) Stephen King

Guesses? Well, if you answered "D" you are correct!

What's so cool about this quote, beside the fact that is an amazing way to look at books?

Well, it's the theme for the 2012 NECRWA Spring Conference this year. And I want to talk about conference a little bit today. I did a guest post for Romance Novel News this week...Penelope's Top 7 Reasons Not To Miss The 2012 NECRWA Spring Conference. I discuss the inspiring speakers, helpful workshops, charming locale, excellent pitch opportunities (you get to submit 10 pages of your WIP for a critique, not just an oral pitch like most conferences), the cocktail party, the ghost hunt, the book fair, and of course the most important part of all...the schmoozing.

I love this quote by Stephen King. Because it's true. Books are magic. They transport us to a different time and place. They provide us with comfort, excitement and adventure. And if we're lucky enough to be romance lovers, they inspire true romance and love.

I believe that every author is a magic-maker. That's what we do. We offer this gift to our readers. But the journey for us is much more complicated and difficult. We have to worry about rejection and mastering our craft, how to keep up with new trends in the publishing industry, and who to trust to watch our backs. And that's what I find the most magical about this conference.

When all is said and done, this writing journey, for me, is about people.

People we've known since the beginning who support us. Strangers we meet after a few (okay, maybe 11) cocktails. Folks who write everything from multi-orgy erotica to sweet, rated G Amish books. But what binds us all together is a dream. To write. To make magic. And hopefully this journey will be magic for us, too.

All of the Quirky Ladies are involved with conference this year. And it's hard. We have supported each other through all sorts of difficulties, in both our professional and personal lives. The best part of my critique group, and all of my friends and colleagues at NEC, is that we will not let each other fail. Even when we feel like we are not reaching our goals or self-imposed expectations, even when we feel like life is overwhelming, we are there for each other.

This is extremely humbling to me. This is why I'm on this journey. It's not really about the hunky Klaus Brothers (although they are adorable and fun, of course). This is about finding other kindred spirits on this path that is at times isolating, painful and ego-crushing. People who bolster each other and fan the flames of our magic.

This conference is a coming together of family. Young and old, experienced and newbs, cynical and bright-eyed. It is magic. Being with so many talented and supportive people. You just can't help but feel inspired about your writing journey.

I hope to see many of you there in April. I'll be the one wearing the tiara at the registration table.

Off to read some more portable magic,


Casey Wyatt said...

Have a great conference! I hope to make it to your way one of these years. Lots of my CTRWA friends will be there so if random people start saying Casey says hi, you'll know they came from me (I hope they remember!).

Penny Watson said...

Casey! I wish you could make your book in print? I would love to add it to my give-away baskets. If you have any you would like to donate, email me. They would be perfect for the "magic" baskets since your book is filled w/ magic and paranormal stuff.

Casey Wyatt said...

Sadly, my book won't be available in print until later this year. Otherwise, I'd love to donate some copies.

Unknown said...

have a great conference - stay sober and don't slobber xxxxx

So, you have that new book in your hands and it has past first muster inspection and you pull open the cover to the first page, the fly leaf becomes clear and you read while being slightly distracted, but not in a bad way, if the inside cover and facing page have a design motif on them, row upon row of No 44 Scotland Street in ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Scones’, Elephants, Oil cans and Lizards in ‘The Good Husband of Zebra Drive’ or a lovely pale green empty space in, ‘The Careful Use of Compliments’ someone I know always refers to it as ‘The Careful Use of Condiments’, bless.... You carefully turn over the next couple of pages, and here I have to confess to what is probably a little bit of a strange indulgence or peccadillo, I look at the; First published, Copyright, All rights, Typeset, Library Catalogue details, don’t ask, I have no explanation for the strangeness that overtakes me when opening a new book, and, I guess to an extent it might be that I want to savour every single page of this delicious mind feeding entity that I am holding in my hands, who knows....

Then, then we turn over another page and we find the beginning of the best time of your life for the next indeterminable period of time, that is for however long you are curled up on the sofa, in bed, on the train or sitting in the park, engrossed in the story that someone like (insert author of choice) , has so graciously chosen to deliver to us, it is almost too difficult to describe the sensations that flow through you when reading a good novel.

Authors, of whatever calibre and ability should be almost revered for the enjoyment they bring to so many millions of people each and every day. A Novel can be heart warming, it can be funny, it can be dangerous. You can be relaxed one minute and tense the next, reading one last week I was literally breathless and a little afeared one minute and the next I was welling up,

Something I wrote about books recently apropos your adventure maybe...

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Your emerald tiara? Better be! I'm excited! Yay!
Yup, books are magic - the written word is magic.

Penny Watson said...

Yes, Tom! You are on the magic wagon with books. Authors are the magic-makers! Thank you for this awesome comment! :^)

Penny Watson said...

Casey....bummer! Maybe next year....and I want you to attend conference and sit next to me at book fair, too!

Penny Watson said...

Julia....I am tiara shopping, baby. (And I'm getting you one, too..hee hee!).