Friday, March 2, 2012

Beard of the Day

Today's beardy fella is none other than Ernest Hemingway. Here he is rocking his literary-style beard, and snuggling with one of his weird 6-toed cats. (They still hang around the Hemingway House in Key West...I saw them there when we were visiting years ago).

This one's for you, Tom Andrews

Tom will be our illustrious guest on Sunday for The Martini Club. Don't miss it! He is sharing a cocktail-inspired piece, aptly titled Cocktail (the movie). He manages to pack in romance, disturbing imagery, a pot-shot at my beard fetish, and a recipe for a "holy manhattan" in one short piece of flash fiction. I laughed my ass off reading this bit o' brilliance!

Here's a nice quote from Ernie....(I think Tom will approve.....)

"A man's got to take a lot of punishment to write a really funny book."


Happy Beardy Friday,