Friday, March 30, 2012

Anthony Of The Day

I know. Normally I post Beard of the Day on Fridays. But to be honest, I'm not finding a lot of great beardy shots with Anthony. (That's Anthony LaPaglia for anyone not recognizing this super hottie Aussie actor-without-a-beard-but-still-looking-fine-anyway.)

Let's face some facts here. Anthony doesn't need no stinkin' beard. This guy has got it going on, even with a clean-shaven face. Some cool tidbits about Anthony....

1. He was born in Australia in 1959.
2. He was a goalkeeper in the Australian National Soccer League.
3. He did the voice for Boss Skua in Happy Feet.

Anthony looks good bald.

Anthony looks good playing soccer.

Anthony looks good with scruff and glasses.

Anthony looks good in his younger days with fingerless gloves.

Anthony looks good with his FBI vest (in the TV show Without A Trace).

Anthony looks good with a tie.

Anthony always looks good! Hope everyone has a great weekend. On Sunday I will be posting some tasty cocktail recipes from Round Pond Estates for The Martini Club.

Happy Friday (pretend Anthony is saying that with an Australian accent....there you go!),