Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finally! I Get To Wear My Tiara!

I have been waiting a very long time for an appropriate occasion to whip out my gorgeous tiara. This one I borrowed from Queen's a 19th century piece, created in the Gothic revival style, with diamonds and emeralds. It's from my "casual tiara" collection.

Anyhoo, thanks to Tom Stronach, who awarded me the Liebster Award, I finally get the chance to wear it. (I'm also waving to my fans and riding around in a convertible with the top down).

In the true spirit of this award, I would like to give a shout-out to a variety of excellent blogs I have been frequenting of late. Here we go!

This hilarious blog is a mixture of political commentary, delicious home-cooked recipes, book reviews, and naughty jokes and cartoons. In other words, it's the perfect blog for Penelope!

If you are looking for tasty gourmet recipes, something fun to cook with the kidlets, or just want to ohh and ahh over the beautiful foodie photographs, this blog's for you.

A Martini and a Pen
Is your day getting dull and boring? Well, why not ramp it up with some deranged flash fiction? (Warning: Don't read if you have a weak stomach). Totally entertaining and wack.

A long-lost chum from high school has this incredible blog filled with nature photographs. They are stunning and inspiring. And make me cry and want to move back to Vermont. Boo hoo hoo!

Lumberjack Erotica
This fabulous tumblr site has a completely bizarre mix of high-brow home decorating pics, guys with huge beards and plaid shirts, and guys You never know what you're going to's fun!

Ayyyy! Gently Making Fun of the Famous
I love celebrity websites. This one is awesome. It has super embarrassing photos of your favorite celebs. Hee heeeeee!

J W Manus
For writers everywhere....this site will kick your dangling-participial ass. It has tips on how to edit, format stuff for Kindle, and handle the complicated world of self-pubbing.

the lost beat
Put on your all-black outfit, find your beret, grab a pack of Marlboro lights, and sit back and enjoy some poetry. Natasha Gdansk and Tom Andrews get their poetic groove on.

Erotic Romance
I check this site every day. Emily Veinglory is on the cutting edge of the great big world of romance and erotica publishing. And she loves to dish it out when the news is asinine. (Which it is, most of the time).

Curves Are Fabulous
Are you a curvy girl, and proud of it? This blog covers fashion, exercise and health, and positive body-image stuff for girls who aren't a size zero. Yay!

I Am Mini Van
This is my cousin's blog. She is a ridiculously talented writer, and has lots of great posts about friends, family and life. My favorite post is this one about her interview with Bill Murray. Check it out!

Julia Barrett's World
And last but not least, the spot where you can find posts about zombies, basketball, history, fiction, writing, medical articles, and excellent stories about saving baby herons. (That one was my personal favorite in the last couple of weeks).

So, once again, big thanks to Tom for the shout-out. Please enjoy the blog recommendations. I'll just be off to the grocery store with my tiara.