Friday, March 9, 2012

Give Me An "E"!

Give me an "E"!!!!
Give me a "D"!!!

Give me an....oh never mind. I'm working on edits today.

In related news, I discovered that I have an inordinately high number of Spongebob jpegs on my computer. Interesting.

I finished reading Chill by Stephanie Rowe. I really enjoyed this romantic suspense, set in Alaska. I'm thinking of starting a new bookshelf at Goodreads....Kick-Ass Alaskan Tales.

I also started Gail Carriger's last Parasol book, Timeless. My initial the new baby, not loving the tedious descriptions of wall-paper.

I didn't find any hot beardy guys for today, but in keeping with the Spongebob theme, here ya go.... King Neptune. He's green, he's beardy, and he has a mer-man tail!

Hope everyone has a great day!