Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gnome Alone: In Search Of Nectar By Kirkus MacGowan

Another quirky and unexpected discovery: Kirkus MacGowan. Tom Stronach mentioned him on his blog, and so I decided to check out one of his stories. In Search of Nectar is very short, very strange, and very free right now on Kindle. (In other words, right on the Penelope Chuckwagon--thanks to Tom for revising the "bandwagon" to the "chuckwagon"). 

All I will say about this wacky little ditty is that it describes a ridiculous quest by an easily manipulated bachelor, who is convinced by a violence-prone talking garden gnome to find a life-saving elixir. It is also well-written, clever and hilarious. And I freakin' loved it. And I'm going to read his other books.

Grade: A

(It's so short it's not even an amuse bouche. It's more like a couple of crumbs from a Primanti Brothers sandwich. Which is a famous sammie in Pittsburgh where they stuff everything on the bread....the fries, the coleslaw, everything. It's fabulous!....see below.....)

And here is the ridiculous cover for the book.....haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another startling discovery by Penelope.

Happy Thursday!
Penny Who Now Has A Hankerin' For A Primanti Bros Sammie