Saturday, August 29, 2020

Review for BACKYARDS HAVE BODIES by Barbara Wallace

I love the concept of a squeaky clean and wholesome setting hiding a slew of dark secrets.

Barbara Wallace’s SADIE MCINTYRE MYSTERY series centers on the quirky townsfolk of Woodbridge, Massachusetts. But behind the mature maple trees and well-maintained colonial homes are shady secrets and messy lives.

A yummy combination!

BACKYARDS HAVE BODIES is the second installment of this series. Sadie McIntyre is the perfect cozy protagonist. A widow/real estate wanna-be saleslady, she has her finger on the pulse of this complicated little town. The mix of eccentric characters—including a former British boy band-star, amorous neighbors, hunkalicious police detective/romance interest, and hilarious obsessive crime show fan—will keep you guessing until the end about the resolution to the mystery.

The pacing is fast (just the way I like it). Sadie is adorable—a mix of vulnerable and sassy. Throw in a horror-inducing snowman, secret affairs, a competitive real estate boss, and “evidence-schmevidence” as Sadie would say, and you have a 5-star cozy all the way.

I think my favorite thing about this series is the humor. There are so many laugh-out-loud moments and clever details. Bravo, Barbara Wallace.

I highly recommend this series for cozy mystery fans. I would suggest starting with the first book, THE SUBURBS HAVE SECRETS.

There is also an intriguing twist on Sadie’s own background story that promises more exciting storylines in the future.

Grade: A

For more information about Barbara Wallace and her books, check out her website.