Monday, March 5, 2012

Gold and Honey

I read two good books this weekend. One was gold. And one was honey (buns).

1.) In the Flesh by Julia Barrett

This is the follow-up to Incorporeal. There were some wonderful things about this short story. I adored the romantic premise of an immortal making the ultimate sacrifice to come back to earth so he could experience love. Wolf is an amazing hero....super sexy and protective. Syd is a scrappy heroine, juggling a medical position and all of the grueling responsibilities of running her own ranch. There was lots of intense sexual chemistry going on. And the whole image of a golden man falling to earth, and spilling molten gold in his path, was fabulous. And symbolic. I just had two issues with this story. Although I enjoyed all the ranching details, I did think they interrupted the flow of the story just a bit. And second of all, I loved the final manifestation of "Lucas" at the end too much. It was the perfect ending to the story, but....I wanted the story to keep going at this point. Lucas and Syd together were pure gold. I was sort of bummed when the story was over. 

Barrett has packed true romance into this one. Here is my favorite quote from the story...

"I did not wish to spend eternity never knowing what it is to love a woman, body and soul....I would rather die a thousand deaths as a mortal than live forever alone."

Swoon-tastic, baby!

Grade: B+

2.) Honeybun in a Loin Cloth by Sam Cheever

I bought this book for two reasons. One, after seeing a blog post at Babbling About Books, I was intrigued by the ridiculous title and cover. And two, after checking out the Goodreads page for the author Sam Cheever, I noticed she had a dachshund in her arms! Win! Kooky book, doxie lover....I just couldn't resist.

Never, in a million years, did I expect a book with the title Honeybun in a Loin Cloth to be a regular old romantic suspense novel. I've read some wacky books in my day. Books about orca shape-shifters. Bigfoot. Hairy beary guys who like honey. The last book I read with a loin cloth had a time warp, dinosaurs, and bands of marauding cavemen (Island Heat). It's never good to mislead your readers. (See post I wrote about putting hot scruffy lumberjack guys on the bookcover when the hero is really a weenie executive). 

I realized fairly quickly that the kookiest thing about this book was the fact that the hero's last name is Honeybun. This is a good, solid suspense novel, with lots of twists and turns in the plot to keep you guessing about the mystery. The Honeybun family has some quirky characters, but otherwise this book has the standard times between hero and heroine, complex mystery, suspense, some humorous bits, too. It was too long for my liking....I like my books fairly fast-paced. But Cheever is a good writer, and the Honeybun guys are sexy, smart and loyal. The thing that really threw me off was that title. I have no idea why the author/publisher chose this title, but it's definitely not a good match for this book. So, in conclusion, I was disappointed that the book wasn't wacky. But I was pleasantly surprised that it was a well-written and sexy suspense.

Grade: B

Hankering for some honey buns,


Unknown said...

I can't wait to get the opportunity to sit and read Julia's book. Thanks for the review.

KT Grant said...

hair guys who like honey? *snicker*

Penny Watson said...

Hi Amber! You'll really enjoy it!

Penny Watson said...

Yes, KT....Hairy guys who like honey. But I knew what I was getting into with that book!

Unknown said...

I am reading Incorporeal, but as much as I love my fav aunts, and I do like a bit of lovin, Ishbel will , oh never mind rambling again...

Hi, aunt Penny, that is all xxxxx

Penny Watson said...

Hi Tom! Incorporeal is also very romantic. Are you blushing yet? hee hee

Unknown said...

I can't wait to get to Julia's book as soon as I can locate some extra time. She recommended a book to me a bit ago that I'm waiting on that extra time for too. I need a vacation from reading so I can read. :)

Honeybun in a Loincloth? I was thinking "Honeybear in a Banana Hammock with Chocolate Sauce and Marshmallow Fluff ... MAJIK" would make a good title.

By the way, I blame you that Tawny Kitaen is now following me on Twitter. Seriously, she is. SMH

Penny Watson said...

I would totally read Honeybear in a banana hammock, etc etc.

Get out! Tawny is following you! Yee haw!