Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Off The Bandwagon

As soon as I see a million people flock to something, I run the other direction.

Not sure why, I just tend to lose interest.

I'm always looking for something a little different, a little bit quirky, something off the beaten path.

Sometimes I join in the fracas (The Walking Dead, for example). But most of the time I run far, far away.

At the moment, I couldn't care less about that Grey book, the Hunger Games movie, JR Ward's latest book, basketball March Madness, the romance novel brackets, and Linsanity (much to my hubby's chagrin).

For some of them, I fell off the bandwagon. For some of them, I was never on the bandwagon. I just don't care.

Right now I'm into Dalian, China, the Iditarod, winter-hardy Mediterranean plants, tiaras, flash fiction, quirky indie books, and Anthony LaPaglia.

Coming up on the reading horizon: One Tasty Night by Amber Skyze, Actions Speak Louder by Rosemarie Naramore, Doughnuts for Amy by John Malik, In Search of Nectar by Kirkus MacGowan, and Prince Charming, Inc by Jamie Brazil. I already started Prince Charming, Inc, and I love the bit about renovating the San Francisco Victorian mansion. Great stuff!

For those on the bandwagon, and for those who have fallen off------
Have a great reading day!

p.s. My To-Do List in now in double digits. I am cranking, baby!