Thursday, March 15, 2012

Moses Supposes His Toeses Are Roses

Yesterday, I had an amazing on-line critique session with Julia Barrett and JW Manus, who took a page of my current WIP and smacked it around. The results? They took a rough hunk of clay and molded it into Michelangelo's David (reference to Spongebob Episode #972). Seriously, it's incredible to see how minor changes yield major benefits in the craft of writing. And it's especially impressive to watch "masters" of the craft at work.

I felt like a newb in the presence of masters.

I felt like a Jedi Apprentice in the presence of Yoda.

I felt like an American Idol wanna-be in the presence of Steven Tyler.

I felt like....well....let's just say that right after we finished our critique, this scene from Singing in the Rain popped into my head. Just in case you weren't sure, Julia is Gene Kelly, JW is Donald O'Connor, and I'm the loser voice coach who ends up with a lamp shade on my head.

Have a happy day, newbs!