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An Unexpected Christmas Gift

If you had asked me, more than a decade ago, what my expectations were as I started my writing career, I'm not sure how I would have answered.

Honestly, just the thought of having a book published seemed almost impossible.

I treat my writing the same way I treat all creative endeavors...what can I make?

Can I take the story in my head and put it down on paper and make it sing?

Can I create something with these plants? These flowers? Cook something? Knit something?

Will it fail or will it taste good, look good, read good?

When I started my holiday series, I really only had one simple goal in finish a book.

Beginning, middle, end. Finish. Make the story that had been rattling around in my head take form and become something real.

Throw in a heaping dose of inspiration from the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward--I loved the camaraderie of the brothers--and SWEET INSPIRATION soon followed.

I had five brothers. I had plans for five books.

I didn't know the path to get to the end would include a near-fatal heart attack, a bunch of professional bumps-in-the-road, navigating the world of teenage parenting, etc.

But I finally got to the end--last year--when I published the final book of THE KLAUS BROTHERS SERIES.

What did I expect to happen? A huge feeling of relief, a sense of completion, pride in my work. Yes.

But what I didn't expect--never entered my mind when I started writing that very first paragraph about Nicholas Klaus and his crush on Lucy Brewster--was how my readers would embrace this series.

My readers. My small and merry band of totally kick-ass readers who share my quirky sensibility and are lovely and supportive and send me notes and messages and gifts in the mail!

What I didn't expect was that The Klaus Brothers would become a holiday tradition for so many people. A way to usher in the spirit of the holiday. A way to remind ourselves about family and love and generosity. An escape from reality to a magical world filled with elves and Yeti and real heroes.

I honestly cannot believe how many folks tell me they re-read The Klaus Brothers Series every year. It's one of their Christmas traditions!

That is, hands-down, the coolest and most unexpected thing to happen to me as a professional author. 

And so, I would like to say Thank You and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my loyal readers. Hugs to all!

With much love,