The Klaus Brothers Series


Welcome to the Klaus Brothers Series!

How to determine if this series is right for you?

Please answer these questions...

1. Do you keep your Christmas decorations up all year long?

2. Do you jump for joy when Starbucks starts making their gingerbread latte?

3. Do have an embarrassing number of holiday songs in your music collection?

4. Do you squeal like a little kid on Christmas morning, 
even if you're 49 years old?

5. Do you own a dorky holiday sweater and wear it with pride? (Starting in October?)

6. Have you memorized the dialogue to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

7. Do you dress your pet in humiliating holiday outfits?

8. Do you believe that gingerbread cookies are one of the four main food groups?

9. Do you cry when your husband drags the Christmas tree out to the curb on Dec. 26?

10. Do you find it physically impossible to walk by a "Christmas Shop" without stopping to buy another ornament?

If you answered "yes" to five or more of these questions, then congratulations! 

You might want to check out this series. 
Here's some more information...

What if the legend of Santa Claus is true?
What if Santa has five big strapping sons 
who help him run his empire?
Five, single, sexy sons looking for romance?

This is a sweet and sexy holiday series. 
Santa is ready to retire, and one of these guys 
has to step up and put on the red coat.

Who will it be?

Order of Series:

SWEET INSPIRATION (#1) = Nicholas' story

SWEET MAGIK (#2) = Oskar's story

SWEET ADVENTURE (#3) = Sven's story

SWEET CINDERELLA (#4) = Gregor's story

SWEET DESTINY (#5) = Wolfgang's story

 Here is the Penny Watson Klaus Brothers Cheat Sheet...


Nicholas Klaus Senior = Santa Claus. Married to Alena Klaus. CEO of Klaus Enterprises. Fitness buff, runs marathons and works out like a boss. Has a snowy-white goatee, and is built like Paul Bunyan.

Alena Klaus = Mrs. Santa. The cute pixie-like matriarch of the Klaus family. Bohemian style of dress. Awful cook. Also loves to work out, especially triathlons.

Nicholas Klaus (SWEET INSPIRATION) = Oldest son. Highly disciplined master pastry chef at Klaus Küche. Specialty is Christmas cookies. Big beard, wears glasses.

Sven Klaus (SWEET ADVENTURE) =  Second oldest son. Chief Toy Designer and Woodworker. Tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing hippie. Resembles a blond lumberjack.

Wolfgang Klaus (SWEET DESTINY) = Middle son. Director of Charitable Donations at Klaus Enterprises. General do-gooder. Spends a lot of time in pediatric hospitals and third world countries. Tall, dark, and handsome.

Gregor Klaus (SWEET CINDERELLA) = Second youngest son. Financial guru for Klaus Enterprises. Lives in Manhattan. Likes designer duds and expensive coffee. Goatee and Rolex not optional.

Oskar Klaus (SWEET MAGIK) = Youngest son. Director of Elfin Resources. Green-haired punk. Extreme snowboarder. Reformed bad boy.  

What do readers think about THE KLAUS BROTHERS SERIES?

"...suspend disbelief and go along for a ride to the North Pole." 

"This series is quirky, sweet, funny, and full of Christmas cheer."

"Magical! This is hands down my favorite holiday series...
I love the Klaus Brothers!"


For more information about the series, please see the Bookshelf page.



CBrandstatter said...

I'm dragging out Christmas stuff little by little so the rest of the family will hardly notice! :-) And the dogs have their Red Christmas collars - I tried the hats, but Calypso refused!!

Can't Wait!!!!

Unknown said...

Added them all to my list I can't wait to get them

cincan19 said...

Eagerly looking forward to Wolfgang's story this year! (But Oskar is still my favorite)

CBrandstatter said...

I still left little Christmas things all around the house. When I was pregnant with our son, I wanted to name him Wolfgang!! I was outvoted. :-( Time to get the dogs in their Christmas collars!!! HoHoHoHoHo