Friday, May 25, 2012

Beard of the Day Special Edition: A Cultural Evolution for Mr. Andrews

There was a bit of discussion following last week's Beard of the Day (a super nice selection of photos of Mr. Scott Speedman, looking rough and rugged and scruffy and ruffy and clearing pining for Penelope) about "cultural evolution." In fact, Mr. Tom Andrews said, and I quote, "I believe in cultural evolution. The tie, the Martini, the pocket square, the close shave, and literary fiction -- for these are pinnacles from which, once attained, one cannot retreat. ;^)"

Mr. Andrews is so eloquent, isn't he?

And wrong. He's also wrong.

Let's discuss.

I agree that a tie, a Martini (I love how Tom has capitalized that...heeee!), a pocket square and literary fiction are all very culturally evolved. But I beg to differ on the beard thing. Case in point (see above)....Gandy in tux. Beard. Pocket square. Bow tie (and I'll bet that isn't even a clip-on!). Culturally evolved smirk on face.

Oh look! Here's Daniel Craig.....

Mr. Craig appears to be sporting a tie, a dapper vest, and a classic martini with two, no I think that's actually three, count them....three! olives. Oh, and a beard. He also appears to be at a culturally evolved event. I don't see any stripper poles.

Hey! Look who's here! Gandy is back.....

Tie? Check.
Pocket Square? Check.
Literary Fiction? Check.
Close Shave? Nope, don't see that one. Too bad.

So, there you have it. From my pinnacle (which is festively crowded with tiaras, weenie dogs and 1980s videos), beards are looking quite spiffy. They're not just for lumberjacks anymore. (Although that's fine, too, of course.)

I would like to say a special thanks to Geekamicus and Tasha for photos and artwork. And a super big thanks to Mr. Andrews, who is an excellent sport and source of inspiration. Whether he likes it or not.

Hope everyone has a culturally evolved, beardy day and a wonderful holiday weekend!