Monday, May 21, 2012

The Super Special Super-Tastic Six (or Seven)

Last night my daughter arrived home from a playdate clutching her arm and crying. My husband and I took her to the emergency room. While we waited for the x-ray, my daughter chirped on and on with excitement for 2 hours. Here's part of our conversation.....

Natty starts humming a song.

Hubs: What's that?

Nat: A One Direction song. My band sings it at school.

Hubs: Your band? Since when do you have a band?

Nat: I have a band. It's the Super-Tastic Six.

Hubs: Really? What does your band do?

Nat: We have a gig every Friday.

Hubs: (trying hard not to laugh) Uh huh. Where is this gig?

Nat: In the lunchroom.

Me: You perform in front of the whole school?

Nat: No, just for the 3rd grade.

Hubs: Who is in charge of the band?

Nat: I'm the manager. My friend is the assistant manager. And the other girls are interns.

Hubs: Bursts out laughing

Me: Who's in this band?

Nat: So and so, etc......this one girl didn't like our name, so she's out. And then we needed someone else, so this other girl was having a birthday, so then she was in, and then we had an extra, and then we were the Super-Tastic Seven, but then she dropped out, so we were the Super-Tastic Six again.

Me: Do you really sing for everyone? Do they clap?

Nat: Of course!

Me: Where? In front of the lunchroom?

Nat: No, just while we're eating lunch. Until the teachers yell at us and tell us to stop.

Hubs: Hiding behind the door laughing his arse off

Me: O-kay.

Nat: We're gonna be in the talent show next year.

Me: I can't wait!

Several hours later we went home. No broken arm, just a sprain. Nat said "I can't wait until show-and-tell!" She saved her hospital ID bracelet and now has a sling on her arm.

Move over Christina Aguilera, Natty's in the house.