Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Out-Of-Context-Tweets R Us

Inspired by Eloisa James' book Paris in Love (which so far is a string of random tweets and Facebook observations about her time in Paris), I am posting totally random favorite tweets. Here ya go!

Everyone I know is reading a dirty book. It's kind of fantastic. (Alice Clayton)

Is it bad that I look at the filthy house and think maybe I'll read a book today? (Sarah Grimm)

I love my mother to death but I just do not get her sometimes. (anon)

Just read description of BDSM novel where heroine's safeword is hero's name. Isn't that like making your safeword "more" or "harder"? (AnimeJune)

Leaving Orlando. I now need a vacation for surviving Disney for a week. (Smexybooks)

Crispy cold lettuce with crunchy bacon and that silky smooth blue cheese with tangy chunks of tartness. (Teddypig)

Love my Wonder Bra. (anon)

Sorry...zombie tiara humor. (Natasha Gdansk)

It's good to know that even if I'm boobs look great in this top. (anon)

In a theater once that played three Coke ads in a row, I yelled "I'M FUCKING BUYING PEPSI." And there was applause. (Andrew Shaffer)

Subtlety? FUCK THAT SHIT! (Ridley)

Yes, I'm watching a Lifetime movie. It's like my ovaries were possessing me to turn to this channel. (Nikki Brandyberry)

I need a piece of bacon and I need it now. (Tom Andrews)

Have any favorite tweets? :^)

Happy Day,