Monday, May 14, 2012

Anyone Want A Chocolate Tomato?

Happy Mother's Day to me! I made out like a bandit. My hubs got me a Nespresso coffee machine. Natty and I shopped like fiends at the plant nursery. And last night I enjoyed white wine sangria at Legal's.

A great day!

I made my annual trek to Russell's Nursery in Wayland to get my window box plants and assorted herbs and veggies. Natty joined me this year for the first time. And she talked me into pink flowers for the window boxes, which is gonna be a new one. Normally I go for blue/yellow/white color scheme, but Natty kept bringing me pretty pink flowers, and I caved.

We also got...

*A Calamondin plant, which my Filipino father-in-law loved. Natty kept bugging me until I bought it with this refrain...."It's cultural, Mom. Work with me, woman!"

* Four kinds of mint....ginger, chocolate, orange and a new one....mojito cocktail mint! Yee haw!

* Kermit eggplant, which is this neat Thai small round eggplant that I love.

* Sugar Baby watermelons for Nat.

* Strawberry plants

* Six pack of assorted cherry tomatoes and one chocolate tomato...can't wait to see how that tastes!

* Apple Scented geraniums....I adore this old-fashioned herb. Also got vanilla-scented heliotrope.

* Honey Bear squash for Natty

* Tons of pink and white annuals for the boxes

I also planted hundreds of morning glory seeds and some sweet pea vines to grow along my fence. If I can just keep the landscaping company from hacking them down, it will look incredible in a couple of months. 

This, write, garden. :^)

Happy Monday to All!


Katie O'Sullivan said...

We had chocolate tomatoes one year in our garden - dark skinned, dark fleshed, meaty and yummy... but don't expect any chocolate flavor ;-)

Sounds like a fun mother's day!

Steph from said...

We LOVE nespresso. The coffee ships out of Eastern MA too so it gets to us fast!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Katie! OK, so no chocolate flavor. Boo hoo hoo! Actually, chocolate-flavored tomatoes would be pretty weird, so I guess that makes sense. Half of my garden is dedicated to tomatoes and gets crazy! :^)

Penny Watson said...

Hi Steph! I can't wait to try it today. All those cute little coffee inserts look like a gorgeous box of candy!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

My new favorite, Penny is 'Green Zebra'! Delish! You also got one of my favorite flowers from Peru the heliotrope! Wonderful fragrance! Enjoy your week of reading, writing and gardening? Yikes! I forgot already! Getting older by the day. I have to go read myself! xxoo Nancy

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Yes! A Nespresso machine! Now get the coffees from Columbia and India - the best!
Your gardening makes me envious. But I do have a guy coming to roto-till today!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Nancy! You would love this garden center. They have tons of varieties of herbs and veggies and's fabulous!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Julia....I'll try Columbia and India first. Thanks!

Heidenkind said...

Those tomatoes look amaaaaazing! So jealous. Tomatoes don't grow very well where we live.

I got my mom a book on regional gardening and another book on iPads. Then my brother and I cleaned the house.

Penny Watson said...

You're a good daughter, Tasha!