Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review of Castaway Dreams by Darlene Marshall

Castaway Dreams by Darlene Marshall

You know when you're looking for the perfect book to read? Sort of like Goldilocks?

Not too hard, not too soft.....just.....right?

Well, I needed a read that was light, funny, sweet, romantic....not too angsty and intense, not too much graphic, gratuitous sex, but with the perfect amount of emotional satisfaction.

I would have been satisfied with a "B" book. I wasn't asking for much.

But instead, I got a big, whopping A+!!!!!!!

Castaway Dreams is ridiculously adorable and pretty damned close to flawless, in my opinion. It has an excellent storyline, fabulous characters, spot-on humor, plenty of delicious (and tastefully done) sex scenes, lots of wonderful emotional bonding, fun banter and dialogue. 

Just read the first paragraph from yesterday's post, and you'll get a nice glimpse into Marshall's latest book. It is beautifully written, and has two fabulous main characters....a grumpy ship's doctor and a bubble-headed beauty who longs to be useful. Oh dear Lordy! This is the way I LOVE my romance novels. With ROMANCE! And nothing is rushed. Their love story is just perfect and believable, and the humor is fantastic. The last book I read by Marshall was different....also good, but not as light-hearted and funny. I like this twist on her voice better. And I sure hope she writes some more like this one. This book made me swoony!

(I also looked up the word trephining in the dictionary. I learned a new word! Just like Daphne!)

Writing: A
Humor: A
Romance: A
Swoon Meter: A

Overall: A

This book is a delicious gem.

Hoping to find my own grumpy doctor (hey! I have my own grumpy doctor! Excellent!),