Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What's Sexy?

1. Building sexual tension is sexy.

2. The word "womb" isn't sexy.

3. Creating sexual anticipation is sexy.

4. The word "anus" isn't sexy.

5. Getting inside your characters' heads and connecting with their emotions is sexy.

6. An 85-page sex scene isn't sexy. It's boring. It's tedious. It's like watching a never-ending porno movie.

7. Holding hands is sexy.

8. Reading a paint-by-numbers sex scene, now step one, now step two, now stab me in the eye please, isn't sexy. It's dry, flat and boring.

9. A really incredible kiss is sexy. Sex-ay, Baby!

10. Too much inane graphic detail isn't sexy. I read something recently that talked about the "left side of her clit." The left side. Not the right side. Cause that's super important, I'm sure.

11. Touching a character's face is sexy. Hands are sexy.

12. "Drenched pussy" is not sexy. (I hope my mother isn't reading this post).

13. Love is sexy.

14. The word "labia" isn't sexy. Just saying.

15. Romance is sexy.

16. Describing body parts like a medical professor teaching a reproductive organ class isn't sexy.

17. Lumberjacks are sexy.

18. Humping before we get to know the characters is not sexy.

19. Beards are super sexy. (You knew that one was coming, right?)

20. The word "gland" isn't sexy.

Interestingly enough, one of the sexiest scenes I've ever read was only one page long, had nothing explicit, the characters had almost all of their clothes on, and the heroine was a virgin.

You don't need a lot of graphic description for a sex scene. Sometimes just the opposite is more effective.

"I didn't know.....when you....and then I....I didn't know we could do.....what we did....I didn't know."

(Who remembers what book this quote is from? :^)