Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Morning Updates

1. Nat's soccer team lost the finals, 0-2. But Nat was on fire! She had an incredible game and played with the older girls on the starting line-up. I was super proud of her. Which she exploited immediately by saying "Don't you think I played great? I want a pet praying mantis." We are going to the pet store today after school. (I know. I know.)

2. I finished Sondrae Bennett's book Worth Fighting For. I enjoyed this friends-to-lovers fox shapeshifter book.

3. I started reading Linda Howard's Now You See Her. Very intriguing beginning to this book. Can't wait to see what happens. (It has a "I See Dead People" thing going on).

4. Finished a beta read for RJ Silver, which made me laugh out loud so much my family kept asking what I was reading. And started a beta read for critique partner Sam Wayland (about a sexy hockey player) and it's phenomenal. Great reading weekend!

5. TODAY IS THE LAST FULL DAY OF SCHOOL! I'm doing a quick revision on Lumberjack in Love before all hell breaks loose at my house for summer vacation.

Hope everyone has a great Monday,


Unknown said...

My daughter finished on Friday. She wants a sugar glider for her 16th birthday. We've done a few pets that she never took care of - a pet mouse, a baby dragon, oh and the biggest the golden. :) Mom always takes care of the pets.
Have fun at the pet store.

Unknown said...

Well done to Nat for playing so well, even if the rest of the team let her down !!!

So, what happens when the dog eats the preying mantis.....

Uk kids have another 3 weeks (SCOTLAND)and 5 weeks (ENGLAND/WALES) of school before they hit the streets

Julia Barrett said...

Busy weekend and week for you! You've read Linda Howard's After the Night, right?
A sugar glider, Amber? My youngest wanted one of those. They are darling and I believe illegal out here.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

I agree with Tom and ask what happens to the PM when dear Lucy finds it for dessert! Only trying to help the PM! xxoo Nancy

Penny Watson said...

OK, Amber....I just Googled "sugar glider"....what the heck is that thing? Yikes! Natty just assembled the praying mantis house with sticks, leaves and totally disgusting wingless fruit flies for food. Ugh.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Tom! Nat gave less than 100% in the semi-finals, so she got a BIG lecture from me about playing with all your heart and soul and not letting down your team-mates. And she really poured it on in the finals. I guess my lecture worked!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Julia! Yes, this is my 2nd LH book. So far I really like it.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Nancy! No worries. Praying mantis is safely inside its home....Lucy can't get it. ;^)