Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Love Candy

My husband once told me an easy way to tell if a woman is cray-cray. It's directly proportionate to the number of rings on her fingers, and/or the number of cats she owns.

Well, I don't have any cats.


But I do have a butt-load of rings! I am working on one for every finger....which Carl finds very disturbing, and yet he encourages this addiction by purchasing me more of these gorgeous rings.

I have a collection of "candy rings" by Luna Felix, a wonderful artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Each one of them is very symbolic for me, and has been purchased to acknowledge important events in our lives. The very first one was to commemorate the baby we lost many years ago. And then he got me one before the adoption of our son, our daughter, a special birthday, a special anniversary, and to celebrate getting published.

This latest one (the middle ring on the right) is a moonstone, which symbolizes love, good luck and new beginnings. I got a second chance at life following my heart attack, and a new beginning with my husband and my children.

It's the perfect birthday gift.

Someday I'll have a ring on every finger. And probably a dozen squealing weenie dogs.

But no cats! So I'm good!

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Weekend to You!