Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Love Candy

My husband once told me an easy way to tell if a woman is cray-cray. It's directly proportionate to the number of rings on her fingers, and/or the number of cats she owns.

Well, I don't have any cats.


But I do have a butt-load of rings! I am working on one for every finger....which Carl finds very disturbing, and yet he encourages this addiction by purchasing me more of these gorgeous rings.

I have a collection of "candy rings" by Luna Felix, a wonderful artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Each one of them is very symbolic for me, and has been purchased to acknowledge important events in our lives. The very first one was to commemorate the baby we lost many years ago. And then he got me one before the adoption of our son, our daughter, a special birthday, a special anniversary, and to celebrate getting published.

This latest one (the middle ring on the right) is a moonstone, which symbolizes love, good luck and new beginnings. I got a second chance at life following my heart attack, and a new beginning with my husband and my children.

It's the perfect birthday gift.

Someday I'll have a ring on every finger. And probably a dozen squealing weenie dogs.

But no cats! So I'm good!

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Weekend to You!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday weekend to hubby was yesterday and he thinks we need to celebrate for a week...I compromised and gave him the weekend. :)

Penny Watson said...

Amber, I totally agree with your hubby about extending the whole birthday celebration....a week sounds good. It's my Birthday Week! Woo hooo! :^)

Unknown said...

Hey Penny

Na, Na na na na na, Hey Penny

Candy Rings, Carl and Kids and Weenie dogs too

Hey Penny, You wild thing you with Tousled hair and Candy Rings; You're so Cool and Bright like the Colours of the Rings....

Hey penny - Happy Birthday My Sweet


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful Penny! Happy Birthday!

Denise Janikowski-Krewal said...

They are all so lovely! Have a superb birthday!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Happy Birthday dear Penny from your girlfriend in the 'Burgh! xxoo Nancy

Heidenkind said...

Happy birthday, Penny!

Penny Watson said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Carl made me lobster salad for my birthday dinner...nom nom nom!


Lindsay said...

As a proud owner of two cats...yup rings and cats do tell! Although I think that you have to add number of dolls to that too. Very pretty rings! I usually only wear my wedding ring but I do have a couple others that mean a lot to me. Hope you had a great birthday!

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Penny Watson said...

Thanks, Lindsay! Ha! I forgot about dolls. My mom used to have a "doll room" in her house...and hubby and I had to sleep there when we visited. It totally freaked him out...hee hee!