Friday, June 15, 2012

Beard of the Day: Penelope Finally Gets The Armitage Thing

Armitage looks like a homeless guy.

For years, I kept hearing about "Richard Armitage"-this and "Richard Armitage"-that, and "Oh, he's so hot!" and "Oh, he's so swoony!" and I'm all "What the hell? I don't get it."

See photos below as evidence....

Armitage looks like a dork.

Armitage looks sort of slimy.

Armitage looks like a dweeb.

Armitage.....meh. Wha?

And then one day, I was perusing some photos on Tumblr, and I was all.....WHOOOOAAAAAA! What is this? And I discovered, it was Armitage. With Beard!

Schwing! Armi-Buddy-Baby!


I surely hope he's thinking "I'll never shave again."

Which just goes to show....Sometimes the beard really does make the man.

And sometimes Penelope could possibly maybe momentarily be wrong.

Happy Beardy Friday!