Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Importance of Being Naughty

When you're young, it's easy to be naughty. Sneaking a drink, or a smoke, fooling around, or taking your parents' car out for a joy-ride.

Then, you get older. You get married. Have a couple of kids.


You exercise. You eat healthy foods. No more french fries at McDonald's. No more drinking binges like college. You drive a mini-van. You wear mom jeans. You recycle.

But somewhere, deep inside that super-responsible, mini-van-driving doofus is a naughty girl just wanting to break free. Be bad. Let loose.

And then someone tells you.....hey, check out this "mommy porn"'s naughty!

What a delicious way to be naughty! No calories! No carcinogens. A cheap, easy way to be naughty, with characters who you might know. Might even be you.

What a delicious way to be bad!

I don't think the latest fad in fiction has anything at all to do with books. Or the quality of the writing or the story.

It's all about The Importance of Being Naughty.

Never underestimate it,
Penelope (sipping her cocktail)