Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bumbles Bounce!

File Under The Heading......No, Thank You

1. Report card after kid develops XBOX addiction.

2. Airline cancelling your flight to Hawaii and not telling you.

3. Daughter deciding tonight is a good night for her first sleep-over party.

4. Dog eating dead bee carcass and puking her guts out for 20 minutes. On my sisal rug.

5. Birthday present being shipped to Maine (ME) instead of Massachusetts (MA).

6. Seeing a sweet old gentleman with tears in his eyes at the vet's office...he just put his dog down. (I sat in my chair and cried for five minutes).

7. Finding a library book that Natty lost 5 months ago, and I had to pay for.

I sure hope bumbles bounce, because I feel like the Abominable Snow Monster who just lost his teeth. 

*eyes rolling*
*gnashing my gums*
*falling into a pit of despair*

Waiting for some good luck to come my way,