Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's Wack Today

Padma Lakshmi

1. Oops! From last night's episode of Top looks like Padma forgot to put on her pants.

2. From The Annals Of Pseudo-Intellectual Misogynist Douchebags Whose Names Sounds Like a Vegetable

(I refuse to give his real name or link....he doesn't deserve any more traffic to his site).

Here are some choice quotes from his asinine romance-hating post yesterday.....

"Well romance is nothing but base human desires."

(Um, I think you might mean lust, not romance.)

"It's the stuff of children."

(Really? I personally don't think romantic fiction is age-appropriate for kids, but whatever floats your boat).

"Adults read to learn, and that includes fiction."

(And adults also read for entertainment. I think you need to lighten up, grab a beer, and watch.....)


That's right, baby! Darth Maul is coming at you in 3D on February's the trailer on Youtube
I know some of my fans readers people who hated my book more than life itself will be super excited to see this epic movie event!

Have a nice day,