Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's Wack Today

Padma Lakshmi

1. Oops! From last night's episode of Top looks like Padma forgot to put on her pants.

2. From The Annals Of Pseudo-Intellectual Misogynist Douchebags Whose Names Sounds Like a Vegetable

(I refuse to give his real name or link....he doesn't deserve any more traffic to his site).

Here are some choice quotes from his asinine romance-hating post yesterday.....

"Well romance is nothing but base human desires."

(Um, I think you might mean lust, not romance.)

"It's the stuff of children."

(Really? I personally don't think romantic fiction is age-appropriate for kids, but whatever floats your boat).

"Adults read to learn, and that includes fiction."

(And adults also read for entertainment. I think you need to lighten up, grab a beer, and watch.....)


That's right, baby! Darth Maul is coming at you in 3D on February's the trailer on Youtube
I know some of my fans readers people who hated my book more than life itself will be super excited to see this epic movie event!

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Brie said...

I’m watching Top Chef today so no spoilers! Padma looks terrible, but I’m not surprise since she always dresses bad.

Is that the real poster? It’s a bit ridiculous IMO…

(and this is me ignoring Mr. Douche the one who hates women and said Jane Austen was crappy. But I'm not talking about him *grins*)

Penny Watson said...

Hi Brie! No spoilers....I LOVE Top Chef!

I think this Darth Maul poster is hilarious.

Mr. Vegetable's post missed the mark in a variety of ways. The two most glaring problems (which I have also observed in other "academic, intellectual" posts deriding romance) are these: 1.) critiscism out of context, and 2.) not supporting a thesis. If you're going to pretend to be a stuffy academic/intellectual, you better make sure you support your thesis with concrete examples. Mr. Vegetable was super good at giving opinions, but admitted he has only actually read ONE romance novel in its entirety. That would certainly earn him a failing grade at any ivy league university, and probably most community colleges.

In addition to that, failing to recognize that different genres of fiction need to be viewed within context is embarrassingly ignorant. A Shakespearean play is not a Stephen King novel is not a culinary mystery is not a romance novel. Only a dunce would attempt to clump all of these things in the same boat and come to the conclusion that certain books are "valuable" and others are not.

Vegetables are tough. :^)

Nina Pierce said...

Padma is certainly pushing the fashion envelope with that because um, what are her stylists thinking?

And who is this unknown vegetable trashing romance? And how did you find the guy?

Nina Pierce said...

I'm not sure about Padma's stylists these days ... mine would never think that was flattering. LOL!

And who is this anonymous vegetable who is trashing romance. I know you don't want to send traffic to his site, but you have piqued my curiosity.

Nina Pierce said...

Oops ... sorry about the double comment. I need more coffee. LOL!

Tales of Whimsy said...

LOL If I looked like that, I would leave the house in a shirt too ;)

Penny Watson said...

Hi Nina! The vegetable was just the douche of the day dinging on romance. He also insulted housewives worldwide, Jane Austen, and parents who let their kids read for entertainment.

Padma is trying so hard to fit into the whole Texas lifestyle...wearing plaid shirts, denim, boots. I can't wait for her to go back to NYC...this is getting scary!

Penny Watson said...

Hee hee...good one, Juju! Well, her legs look a little bit skinny to me. Especially with the big chunky boots. I actually thought she had on leg-warmers when I was watching last night....!!!!!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Well, play is how kids begin to learn. If play wasn't fun and entertaining, kids wouldn't do it. Play is how all young mammals learn.
Geez! Who is this pseudo intellectual?

Padma, oh Padma. She must be channeling Brittany Spears or Lindsay Lohan. New stylist needed! But I love the boots!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Julia! Good point. Learning to read should be fun. Even when you're an adult, it should be fun (gasp)! Just another spot o' ruckus yesterday by a romance hater.

Padma's boots are good. But her "top" looks like she took a curtain and flung it over her shoulders. I guess when you're rich and famous people are scared to tell you when you look wack. Oops!

DT said...

1. I read this post on my lunch break using my cell phone. Is it bad that I've been trying to figure out what naughty word sounds like a veggie??!?!? Feeling pretty dumb right now...:->

2. I am actually a big Star Wars geek and can't wait to see the movie! I have a countdown on my desk at work. Sad sad sad stuff.

3. That dress, is it a dress or a long shirt? Looks like a naughty lumberjackress to me.

Penny Watson said...

OMG! You are right! It IS a lumberjack shirt. Hmmm. I don't think she's strong enough to lift an ax!

Heidenkind said...

Hey, it's really hot in Texas. Can you blame her for not wanting to wear pants? ;)

Penny Watson said...

Ha! Maybe she'll wear a bikini bathing suit next episode!