Monday, January 30, 2012

Morning Walk In Napa

Morning walk with Julia and Jake....a hot air balloon! So cool!

Wild mustard and grape vines.


Off for a wine tasting and olive oil tasting.....yum!



Unknown said...

Pitch Black out and freezing here in Essex, but you two don't mind us as you meander through the vines and go sipping... we don't care



and put that dog on a leash

Love Ya both

Unknown said...

Sounds perfect!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Wow. Splendid.

Penny Watson said...

Tom--sorry to hear about your yucky weather. We will toast you tonight with a big glass of merlot! :^)

Jake was on a leash 75% of the time? He's a good boy!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Amber...having a great time....thanks!

Penny Watson said... is so beautiful's breath-taking!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

We are having fun! Tom, I ain't puttin' him on a leash!
At least not when he's good.
We drank a lot of olive oil today, some wine. Tomorrow heading to San Fran!

Penny Watson said...

Julia! Thanks for an amazing day! :^)

Savannah Chase said...

Oh so pretty...

Nina Pierce said...

It looks beautiful. I hope you're having a wonderful visit!

Penny Watson said...

It is pretty, Savannah! I love it here!

Hi Nina...we're having a great time!