Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Harlies Come Lately: 2 Quickie Reviews

The Other Laura by Sheryl Lynn

This is an old Harlequin Intrigue, published in 1996. I don't remember the last time I got so caught up in a romantic suspense. Usually, I put up with the plot/mystery/storyline while jumping from love scene to love scene, and watching the character arcs unfold. This book did a fabulous job with the suspense portion of the tale. The "heroine" has total amnesia after a horrible accident, and has been badly burned and disfigured--beyond recognition. Who is she? What does she know? What really happened on the day of the "accident"?? I love how the "new" Laura helps this whole family to heal and experience what a real, loving family should be. And how absolute strangers, who are supposed to be her husband and child, eventually win her heart and trust. But we're not quite sure who to trust in this tale, filled with twists, turns, and a totally satisfying storyline. Reminded me a little bit of Lisa Kleypas' Someone To Watch Over Me, especially the scene where Laura sees a nude portrait of herself. Highly recommend it.

Grade: A

The Heart of a Hero by Barbara Wallace

How to write a perfect book for Penelope?

1. Include an adorable weenie dog nicknamed The Tube Of Terror (love it!).
2. Have a hot, studly tortured ex-soldier/handyman hero (tool belt.....schwing!).
3. Add a newly divorced heroine who writes an advice column (bossy girl!).
4. Setting should be a Martha's Vineyard-type New England island....old rickety beach house, the ocean, and small-town charm.
5. Add lots of sexual chemistry, an emotional storyline involving the tormented soul of the hero, and a sweet, satisfying HEA in the epilogue.

Another great Harly read! I'm on a Harly roll, baby! Only one problem--if they served vegetarian Harly Rolls at a sushi bar, they would have carrots, cuke and avocado, but no wasabi. Good God, they need wasabi! I needed me some spicy lovin' in this book, but it's totally G-rated. Ack!

The emotional healing at the end of this book was just a tad rushed, but it was very sweet. I also loved that the heroine smelled like lemons coz....well....I love lemons! Anyhow, this is my third Harly this week. I think it might be time for a spanky elf book, just to get my equilibrium back.

Grade: A-

Harly Rolls 4-Evah,