Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Feel Dirty

Here I am, just minding my own business in Napa, California, when I find a disturbing reference to my latest publication.

In an article about....ahem....library porn.

That's right. Evidently, there is a category of pornography all about naughty librarians. According to Avi Steinberg in "Checking Out" (an article he wrote for The Paris Review), "...it comes as no surprise that the sexy librarian, a fixture of the pornographic imagination, is most at home in books. Each year, new titles are added to the librarian-porn bookshelf. This past season's crop included additions like Hot for Librarian....Lucy the Librarian--Dewey and His Decimal....The Nympho Librarian and Other Stories....A Librarian's Desire.....and soft-core selections like Sweet Magick by Penny Watson."

Oh. My. God.

First of all, Mr. Steinberg spelled my book title incorrectly (it's Sweet Magik). For cripes sake, if you're going to call me out as a pornographer, you could at least have the common courtesy to spell my book title correctly.

Second of all, Sweet Magik is not soft-core porn. It's not erotica. It's not even an erotic romance. It's fantasy romance. Just because a book has some sexy time with a librarian does NOT make it a porno.

Third, I can't believe my Christmas story just got lumped in with The Nympho Librarian

I feel dirty.

ETA: I got an extremely nice email from Mr. Steinberg saying he loved my book and is recommending it to friends. Hot dog! :^)

On a slightly more wholesome note, I got a nice shout-out at RT Reviews, in an article called "Trend Watch: Lumberjack Romance." They mentioned my Etsy collection "For Girls Who Love Lumberjacks." They listed some lumberjacky books, but none seemed quite as beard-inspired as my own WIP, Lumberjack In Love.

Well, I'm off to enjoy another day in Napa with Julia! I'll post more pics soon. :^)