Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Werewolves On My Mind (And Some Other Stuff, Too)

Thanks to a recommendation at the Amazon Romance Message Boards (aka Wackadoodle Central), I bought and read this book last night. I have read some contemporaries by Lucy Monroe I really enjoyed, but never any paranormal books by her. Well, Moon Craving is the second in this werewolf series, and I lubbed this baby!

What's better than sexy werewolves?

How about sexy werewolves who also happen to be Scottish lairds-alpha-hotties with that wicked buttery accent, tattoos, stubbly beards, muscles on their muscles, and a possessive streak? Okay, that would be it!

I loved everything about this book--especially the deaf heroine who seems weak but has an iron will and intense loyalty, the werewolf laird determined not to repeat the mistakes of his ancestors, and all the cool secondary characters. This book is a serious winner!

Grade: A ....All.....The.....Way!

Other deep thoughts....

  •  The continuing battle of authors vs. reviewers has me considering closing down my twitter account and doing my own "black-out." I have never seen so much negativity flying around. Angry authors, insulted reviewers and readers. This new and continuing trend doesn't appear to be going away. So maybe I'll go away. It's bumming me out.

  •  I am re-animating the zombie corpse of my diet (how do you like that image? hee hee). After losing 45 pounds very quickly, I re-gained some of the weight back and now I need to get back on the train. It's all about "mindful" eating vs. "mindless" eating. Mindful eating is very difficult when you are cooking for a family of four....kids eating junk food, hubby eating white rice, snacks around the house. I have to be super-vigilant about not eating anything that is a no-no. A bite of a cookie here, a bite of a left-over waffle there....and pretty soon I've gained 10 pounds. I've gone back to my super-strict diet I was using right after my heart attack, and it's working. I'm losing weight again. 50 pounds down or bust!

Well, that's it for Tuesday. Hope everyone has a great day!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the diet. I started last week, and as you said, cooking for kids, husband and self is no joke.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Tracey! Good luck with your diet! I basically decided that regardless of what everyone else is eating (I still plan and cook meals for my family), I eat a salad every night by 5:30pm. If I get too hungry waiting for dinner at 7 pm, then I over-eat. So, I just sit with them at 7 and have a cup of tea, but don't eat. That's working for me, but it's hard.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Stop giving me damn book recs! I can't resist a Scottish Laird/werewof/brogue! Damn you! Damn you!
I know you'll be fine. It is very hard when your kids and hubby eat what you don't want to eat or can't eat.
About the negativity... What goes around comes around. Not worth the stress.

Penny Watson said...

Julia...do you have a Kindle? I can start lending you these books...but unfortunately, this one is NOT available to loan. Crap!

It's like spring here today...I've already walked for 2 hours! Walking off the weight...with Richard Simmons. hee hee!

Heidenkind said...

Aw, don't go away. :( Just do what I do and ignore it. I'm sure people will start calming down...ish.

Penny Watson said...





Commencing Operation Black-Out. :^) Still blogging, but way less tweeting....ignorance is bliss, baby.

d.blue said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. Have you read the first in this series? Good luck with your diet. I am in the same boat with cooking for a family of four and we all have crazy schedules. :/

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Hubby has a kindle.

Nina Pierce said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I've put it on my TBB list. And I've totally been missing the whole craziness of reviewers vs author. Why do people bother with negativity?