Monday, March 21, 2011

"V" is for Vicious

No one warned me about JD Robb fans. Geez, I make one teensy, weensy little criticism of Mr. Roarke Suave (you know, the whole metrosexual pansy-ass thing), and next thing you know, I'm being accosted in a family restaurant by a rabid fan who takes great umbrage at my review. Great, great umbrage. She scared me. In fact, I am rescinding my review.

Naked In Death by JD Robb. Grade: C-/D+ 
New grade: B
OK, just kidding, it's really B+
A!!!! A++++

I have totally changed my tune about Roarke. Lub him, and the whole button thing. Right on board with that. And the wine, and the coffee. He's manly. I want a "I Love Roarke" button for my blog.

(shifts eyes nervously.....)

"V" is for vicious. And vitriol. And vengeance.

Singing a brand new tune about Roarke, my new fictional boyfriend,
(Hiding under the dining room table)