Friday, March 25, 2011

Beard Of The Day

I decided I have been remiss in ignoring men of color for my Beard of the Day post (except for Worf, the African-American/Klingon...hee hee!).  For goodness sake, my own beloved hubby is Filipino (although sorely lacking in facial hair, but he more than makes up for it by being an adorable guy with a big-ass brain.) So, I decided to search for hot Asian dudes with beards. Guess what I found?

Takeshi Kaneshiro, the Japanese/Chinese singer/actor/model who starred in Red Cliff, a movie by John Woo. The top and bottom photos are from the film....he is rockin' the Asian goatee-style beard. Nice!

And, even though this photo has him clean-shaven, I had to include it because he is so smokin' hot while dripping with water. Yowzah!

Happy Beardy Friday,