Saturday, March 26, 2011

Breaking News: Quirky Lady Victoria Morgan Wins Golden Ticket!

OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! (Hold on a second, gotta catch my breath. I have been jumping up and down and screaming and doing silly dances which are embarrassing my children).

Quirky Lady Victoria Morgan, historical romance writer extraordinaire, defender of Roarke and Outlander, talented artist, and all-around fantastic person, got nominated for a Golden Heart award yesterday. Her novel, Changing Fortunes, has been nominated in the Historical Romance category. This is the highest honor an unpublished author can get from the RWA. I am ridiculously happy and excited and cannot wait for Nationals this year. I have a feeling this golden ticket is going to turn into something very special for Vicki, and hopefully all of you will get a chance to read this magnificent book very soon.

P.S. A word of advice....If you meet Vicki at Nationals, please don't make any disparaging remarks about Roarke or Outlander.

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! GO, VICKI!!!!!!!!!

Just slightly excited,


Victoria Morgan said...

Ahh, the all-round fantastic person comment is almost like receiving another honor. Much better than rabid fan :). Thanks so much! Couldn't have done it without my incredible support group of Quirky Ladies, which includes our own sweet, fantastic Penelope (and I'm pronouncing that right -- really).

Penny Watson said...

I like it when you mis-pronounce Pen-a-lop-ee. Don't stop doing that! It's funny! :^)

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Still so excited for you!!!!!! I'll drink a big glass of wine in your honor this evening!

Unknown said...

As a friend who has known Vicki for what, 40+ years, I know that this day was going to happen. We are all so proud of her and her hard work. Yes, she's quirky, but ya gotta love that girl. Go Vicki! You have already won in our hearts. XOX