Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stumpy, Bumpy and Chunky

(I know....I am getting out of control with my blog titles....I just can't help myself!)

Mindless Wednesday Updates....

1.) Bumpy: I think my #^$&%* blood pressure medicine needs to be adjusted. I passed out this morning and banged my head on the door frame. Ouch! That freakin' hurt! Since I'm exercising so much my blood pressure is low....maybe too low. Criminy. Now I have a bump on my head. Oy.

2.) Chunky: I was thinking about Chunk this morning. You know, Chunk from the movie Goonies. If you have never seen this movie, check it out. This is an adorable adventure film for kids, starring a young Josh Brolin, Kerri Green (Vassar gal!), Corey Feldman, Joey Pants (as one of the bad guys) and many other actors you'll recognize who are now all grown up. I love the sweetness and simplicity of this story. And I adore the chemistry between Chunk, the chubby kid obsessed with his next snack, and Sloth, the "monster" turned teddy bear. There are so many hilarious quotes from this movie, it's crazy. Every time this movie is on TV, I have to watch it. (Sort of like Jaws). It's an addiction.

3.) Stumpy: Actually, there are no stumpy-legged pirates in KT Grant's book The Prince's Groom, but it made for a good blog title. There is, however, an adorable bald, bearded, salty, sexy, older pirate with gray hairs and a loving heart. Yippee! Even though I am not a big reader of M/M stuff, I decided to give this story a go, and I am so glad I did. For one thing, KT Grant does not write humpity-hump-hump style erotica. Her characters fall in love, and there is a sweetness to them I crave in my erotica stories. This is a sequel to The Princess's Bride, about Thomas the exiled prince, and Martin, the craggy pirate who loves him. Grant excels at building the tension in her storyline....I was biting my nails as the wicked villainess and villain hatched their diabolical plan. And she does a superb job with her secondary characters, and moving past clear black and white storylines, to create suspenseful drama and difficult emotional choices. Martin is so adorable, I love him! This is my kind of erotica....loving, emotional, lusty and sweet. Grade: A-

ETA: Wanna see Chunk all grown up? Here is actor Jeff Cohen now...oh, he's got a beard! Yay!

Happy Wednesday!