Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mindless Musings and Updates from Penelope

1. I am permanently traumatized by the bearotica book. I need eye bleach. I need brain bleach. I need bleach bleach. Oh. My. God!

2. There is going to be a reality TV show about the "world of competitive facial hair growing".....Who knew facial hair-growing was a competitive sport!? Do you think the men will have cat fights like the Real Housewives Of NYC???? I can't wait to watch this. It's called "Whisker Wars." Yee haw!

3. I am stoked for Top Chef tonight. Anyone else addicted to that show? I am really bummed Dale, the Filipino Kick-Ass Chef, got dinged already. But I love Richie...he is so uptight, he doesn't even smile when he wins. He sort of does a half-smirk. He's like the crazy professor with his liquid nitrogen concoctions. Rock on, Richie!

4. Speaking of yummy food, check out this delicious looking recipe for pork and soba noodles at Full Fork Ahead. I am thinking of making a vegetarian version this week.

5. Is anyone else sick of these topics? Charlie Sheen, the YA mafia, indie-authors-turned-millionaires, how e-books will take over the world and cause widespread death and destruction and the end of modern civilization. I am.

Happy Humpday,