Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mindless Musings and Updates from Penelope

1. I am permanently traumatized by the bearotica book. I need eye bleach. I need brain bleach. I need bleach bleach. Oh. My. God!

2. There is going to be a reality TV show about the "world of competitive facial hair growing".....Who knew facial hair-growing was a competitive sport!? Do you think the men will have cat fights like the Real Housewives Of NYC???? I can't wait to watch this. It's called "Whisker Wars." Yee haw!

3. I am stoked for Top Chef tonight. Anyone else addicted to that show? I am really bummed Dale, the Filipino Kick-Ass Chef, got dinged already. But I love Richie...he is so uptight, he doesn't even smile when he wins. He sort of does a half-smirk. He's like the crazy professor with his liquid nitrogen concoctions. Rock on, Richie!

4. Speaking of yummy food, check out this delicious looking recipe for pork and soba noodles at Full Fork Ahead. I am thinking of making a vegetarian version this week.

5. Is anyone else sick of these topics? Charlie Sheen, the YA mafia, indie-authors-turned-millionaires, how e-books will take over the world and cause widespread death and destruction and the end of modern civilization. I am.

Happy Humpday,


mrsshukra said...

I share your sentiments in #3!!!!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Mrsshukra! I am a nervous wreck for tonight's show! I hope Richie does OK!

Isabel Roman said...

I'm still speechless over #2. Googled it, stared at the page in awe, and am still speechless. Though the facial hair is kinda cool!

I don't even want to click on #1. The link scares me...why? I must ask. WHY?

Don't care about Charlie Sheen's self destruction, I feel aweful for his family & especially the kids and refuse to read or listen to anything on him. I don't know YA mafia or indie author millionaires, but I can see how they'd quickly become annoying topics.

Carolyn M. Hughes said...

I was bummed when Trey was knocked off Top Chef. IMHO, Dale was a pain in the ass (both times). But, he was a great cook. I have always been pulling for Richard (both times). That hair, his wacked out cooking style which, apparently, produces amazing results, has always tickled me. Plus, he seems like a nice guy. I'm a sucker for nice guys.

As far as Charlie Sheen goes, once upon a time, many, many years ago, I worked with a woman who grew up with, went to school with and was a little bit more than just close friends with the Estevez boys (Charlie's real last name). The stories that she related to me about her "adventures" with those boys had my jaw hanging open and the hair on my arms raising. We all do crazy things when we are young. But, then, we grow up. Well, most of us do. I just hope he gets the help he so desperately needs before he ends up another Hollywood footnote.

Love your blogs!

Penny Watson said...

Hee hee hee.....Hi Isabel! Don't click on #1...don't do it! Ack! I swear this has gotten me over my kooky-book addiction.

It's distressing how the media is reveling in Charlie Sheen's downward spiral. He obviously needs help, but the news outlets are more interested in providing a forum for him to self-destruct. It is depressing. And I's horrible for his family.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Carolyn! I loved Trey, too. And I was really bummed out when Richard lost his season....I wanted him to win so badly. I hope he redeems himself this year!

I'm sure there is a Charlie Sheen reality TV show in the works right now. It's gonna be bad!

Thanks so much for stopping by! :^)

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

When Charlie Sheen becomes breaking news anywhere, the world may really be coming to an end! I love the Amazing Race, but don't like any of the repeat competitors this time! Think I'm just going to sit in a corner and read my herb books! Talk to you later, Penny! Keep me laughing, please!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Nancy....that's a good idea. I just got my White Flower Farm catalogue and I was checking out the clematis today. I'm going to plant star clematis again this that stuff!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Top Chef is majorly addictive - tried to tweet you last night about it, but since I'm twitter-illiterate, I have no idea if it worked.
I'm sick of Charlie, Lindsay Lohan, YA in all forms (oh god, is the YA Mafia going to come after me?), and I'm trying to avoid the word on self-pubbed ebook authors becoming rich while I'm stuck paying my endless dues.
How's the bleaching going? Hmmmm?

Penny Watson said...

Hi Julia! I cleansed myself of the bearotica by reading some other books, and now I feel better.