Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Praise Of Big, Curvy Girls

Let's face it. Most girls in Hollywood look like a bag of bones. They probably rattle as they walk down the street, dressed in their size "0" low-rider jeans. 

How refreshing to see a big, curvy girl embracing her sexiness and beauty. Queen Latifah is one. Love her! Kirstie Alley is another. Although I don't normally watch Dancing With The Stars, I did take the time to watch a clip of Kirstie Alley's debut.

Here it is if you haven't had a chance to see it yet....

Following this adorable debut, George Lopez, Butthead Extraordinaire, made incredibly insulting remarks about Kirstie, comparing her to a pig.

Yep, a pig. (He's a winner, all right!)

Anyhoo, when I first watched this clip, I didn't think, Whoa, she looks big. She looks chunky. How old is she?

Here's what popped into my head...."She looks freakin' fantastic!"

I love that she is wearing a sexy, tight dress. I love that she is self-deprecating, funny, sassy and has some sweet moves. I love that she is a big, curvy girl and still rocking a sexy look.

I have a soft spot in my heart for romance novels about big, curvy girls. For the same reason I love Beauty and the Beast books. True romantic love does not get hung up on physical imperfections or flaws. It is about loving the very soul of another person. Their true beauty will be seen, regardless of scars or size-18 hips.

Night Play, by Sherrilyn Kenyon, was one of the first romance novels I ever read. It made me fall in love with paranormal romance. It made me fall in love with shapeshifting werewolves. Vane Kattalakis is a big, hunky, gorgeous, courageous, loyal werewolf. He falls instantly in love with Bride, a plus-size gal who is self-conscious about her appearance. He doesn't see her as chunky, flawed, or imperfect in any way. He sees a beautiful and desirable woman. I just adore this book. (And the first scene of lovin' in the dressing room is off-the-charts smokin' hot! Whew!).

I like the fact that the standard, traditional "romance" heroine (Barbie Dolls R Us) has been replaced with women of all sizes, shapes and colors.

I'll leave you with one of my all-time favorite movie quotes....from the movie Beauty Shop, starring Queen Latifah.

Gina: Vanessa, do these pants make my butt look big?
Vanessa: Yeah, they do.
Gina: Good!


KT Grant said...

Kristie spent most of her life not eating and starving to stay a size 2, or what was acceptable for Hollywood. The woman is over 60 years old and looks amazing! She decided at one point to stay at home and take care of her kids and cook for them. So what if she gained weight? She was amazing on Dancing with the Stars and looks amazing in that dress.

Like Lopez should talk that faithless asshole who cheated on his wife with his long time mistress after she gave him her kidney. He's a jealous jerk and wishes he had the fame Kristie has had.

I hope she wins Dancing with the Stars and laughs at all the haters.

Penny Watson said...

George Lopez is a real winner, all right. Nice guy.

Kirstie looks fantastic, and should be very proud of herself. She did great! It would be so awesome if she won this competition.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Amen sista!

Did you see the season with curvy Niecy Nash? LOVE her.

I've always loved how ethnic people love when their butt looks big. My self included ;)

OMG I had no idea about Lopez. Jerk off!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Juju! Hollywood seems to be more forgiving with ethnic actresses who are not size 0. The white girls all look anorexic.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Oh, I love Queen Latifah - she's gorgeous! Gorgeous! Jennifer Hudson is a raving beauty too, and she was before she lost weight. I just hope she doesn't take the dieting too far.
You do realize that movie stars worry so much about how many pounds the camera adds that they are actually even skinnier than you think! Remember The Devil Wears Prada? Six is the new size twelve. Hollywood really does a number on all of us insecure women - Kirstie Alley is no exception.

I've met George Lopez. He is a horse's ass in every sense of the word. What a m-ther f-ckin' jerk! I wouldn't watch his show if you paid me.

Penny Watson said...

Veryyyyyy interesting. Yep, George has really outdone himself this time. As KB mentioned, the whole I'm-leaving-my-wife-who-donated-a-kidney thing is not good PR. Nor is calling a well-beloved actress a pig. Hope she smokes everybody on that show!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Penny, you know how some people are just plain mean? George is a mean man.

Penny Watson said...

Maybe in his next life he'll be reincarnated as a pig, and end up as someone's bacon breakfast. Oink, oink! :^)

Deb said...

Holy bells...I can't believe Kristie Alley is 60--dang..she looks freaking FANTASTIC!!!

I read Night Play as well and I was also thrilled to see a romance have a less than perfect heroine---big thank you to Sherrilyn for that.