Saturday, March 5, 2011

Poetry Throw-Down For Mandi

Mandi issued me a throw-down. To use all eight quirky topics in one post. I can't resist a challenge, so I made up this poem:

There once was a mime who lived in a tree,
He wore no bloomers, so all could see....

His manly parts, he was mocked and teased,
He was so embarrassed, he started to wheeze...

His bud, a leprechaun, gave him advice,
"Try wearing speedos! They'll look really nice!"

He tried on a pair, they were very bright pink,
As he strutted about, he got a wink....

From a lumberjack, who was just passing by,
"Those speedos are sweet. They caught my eye."

A clown on a unicycle rolled by the tree,
He observed to a platypus, "There ain't much to see."

The mime huffed away, the insult stung bad,
None of his girlfriends had ever seemed sad.

The Easter Bunny arrived with some candy,
"Better watch out! That lumberjack's randy!"

So, the mime scampered back up his tree super quick,
He didn't want any more comments about his poor d*ck.

The End


Mandi said... are awesome Penny <3 <3

Rita said...

"Watch out, that lumberjack's randy!"


KT Grant said...

I was expecting a line about a beard to his knees and his massive d*ck

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

You leave me speechless. Can I hire you to write promotional poetry for me?

Heidenkind said...


Penny Watson said...

Oh....good idea! How about Penelope's Promotional Limericks? Maybe I could finally make some $$$...hee hee!

Marie Beau said...

LOL I can't believe you managed that one! That's hilarious!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Marie...thanks! Hope all is well with you!