Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh My God, They're Back Again....

It's December! Yee haw! The countdown to Christmas has commenced, and the Klaus Brothers are here to celebrate. Penelope is hosting a Christmas party today, and will be giving away an Amazon gift certificate to one lucky commenter. For those of you not familiar with the Klaus boys, let me introduce you....

Nicholas Klaus: eldest son of Santa Claus, master pastry chef; runs Klaus Küche (bakery) in the North Pole

Sven Klaus: 2nd oldest son, Chief Toy Designer and Woodworker; hippy, environmentalist

Wolfgang Klaus (aka Wolfie): middle son, Director of Charitable Donations, general do-gooder; travels around the world helping needy children

Gregor Klaus: financial guru for Klaus Enterprises; likes designer duds and gourmet coffee

Oskar Klaus: youngest son, punk snowboarder and Director of Elfin Resources; likes tats, parties and snow bunnies (not necessarily in that order)

You can read all about Nicholas and his unexpected soul mate in Sweet Inspiration (The Klaus Brothers Series #1). Oskar's story will be available next's called Sweet Magik (The Klaus Brothers Series #2). And as a freebie for this Christmas, I posted a teaser for Sweet Adventure (The Klaus Brothers Series #3) on my website.

Please stop by my website and check out my free "quickie"...the teaser for Sweet Adventure. It's available as a pdf download. Give it a quick read, then leave a comment here on this post-- any time until Dec. 8, letting me (and the Klaus Brothers) know what you thought. That's it! You'll be entered in the giveaway drawing.

Without further ado, here are the Klaus Boys....

(MUSIC PLAYING IN BACKGROUND..... "Oh my God, we're back again...." by the Backstreet Boys.....)

Oskar: Holy crap, I think Penny is playing the Backstreet Boys....

Sven: (raises eyebrow) How old is she again?

Penny: Hey! No comments about my age, hippy boy!

Gregor: I'm begging you to turn off the ipod. Here's a Harry Connick, Jr. Christmas CD. Try this. Jazzy and cool.

Nicholas: Who are the Backstreet Boys?

Oskar: (cracks up) Never mind, Nick. You don't want to take up important brain cell function with the answer to that question. Believe me.

Penny: (rolls eyes) Fine. I'll just pop in the Celine Dion Holiday Collection....

All Klaus Brothers: Nooooooo!!!!!!!!

Penny: What a bunch of whiners.

Wolfie: Here, Pen. It's the classic Bing Crosby Christmas CD. I don't think this is too offensive. (winks at Penny)

Penny: (smiles at Wolfie) You are looking fine today, Wolf Man. Been working out? (squeezes his massive biceps and blushes)

Sven: Jay-sus. Penny is back to her old tricks. By the way, just what is up with that Teaser you wrote? Please tell me that irritating freelance writer is not going to be know....

Nicholas: Soul mate?

Wolfie: Heart's desire?

Gregor: Life partner?

Oskar: Diva-licious bombshell of love?

Penny: (smirks) Well, Sven, I guess you'll just have to wait and see. I'm busy writing Sweet Adventure right now. And Gregor....

Gregor: Hmm...yes?

Penny: You're in it, too.

Gregor: (blanches) What? What exactly is that supposed to mean?

Penny: (wags eyebrows) That irritating freelance writer, Andi De Luca...Well, she has a sister. A really hot sister. Just sayin'....

Gregor: (rubs goatee thoughtfully) How hot is she?

Oskar: You're kidding right? You know Penny likes to torture us in her books. I can only imagine the hell I'm going to suffer in Sweet Magik.

Wolfie: How bad could it be?

Sven: (snickers) Maybe Penny will stick him with a nerdy librarian or something...

Nicholas: That's a diabolical thought. One with thick glasses and a bun in her hair...

Penny: (remains suspiciously quiet)

Oskar: Whaaaaa???? Why is Penny not saying anything? (shakes his head) I'm sure my lady love is a snow bunny. Or maybe that girl I met in Vegas....

Penny: You'll be surprised, that's for sure. But in a good way.

Wolfie: (laughing) You should see the look on your face, O. (fist bumps his brothers)

Oskar: Freakin' hilarious, bro.

Penny: All right. Let's encourage our guests to check out the teaser for Sweet Adventure. Here's the description....

Laid back hippy Sven Klaus has finally met his match. Andi "The Pit Bull" De Luca is a reporter determined to uncover the secrets behind Klaus Enterprises....

Please enjoy the teaser and leave a comment letting us know what you think. Nicholas, Sven, Wolfie, Gregor and Oskar will be here today to chat.

Thanks so much for stopping by!