Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve Updates

Hi everyone! I'm at Book Chick City today, doing a "Where Books Are Made" feature. There are photos of my home office (decorated for the holiday, of course!), Christmas tree, weenie dog in Santa hat, etc. etc. The photo above is one of my special antique elves from my Nana. I have a whole posse playing different musical instruments. Please stop by to say hello!

I also had two great reviews recently for Sweet Inspiration...

"I've got to hand it to Penny Watson; she has some seriously big baubles. It's not easy making a sexy contemporary romance out of pop culture's most un-sexy man...."

heee hee heee...I've got big baubles! Well, all right!

"Penny Watson's Sweet Inspiration is chock full of Christmas cheer. This is an adorable, sexy story that should be wrapped in a big red bow and given to any reader as a present."

I am so stoked to get two wonderful reviews. Good Christmas gift for me! Today is shopping day for Christmas dinner...beef tenderloin with three, green and white (my husband's specialty). And for Christmas Eve, our tradition is having home-made pizzas! It's a lot of fun. Hope all of you are surviving the spectacular count-down....

Feliz Navidad,