Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Penelope's Updates: Contest Winner, Blog Hoppin' and Firemen With Glasses

Good morning to all! First up, I would like to announce the winner of the $25 Amazon giftcard (just in time for Christmas shopping!)....thanks to everyone who stopped by and checked out the teaser for Sweet Adventure.

✵✵Congrats to Juju of Tales of Whimsy...you're the lucky winner! Merry Christmas!✵✵

Next up....my blog hoppin' schedule. Stop by Babbling by Books to enter a giveaway and ogle Eric Bana. Today (12/14) I will be at Sandra Sookoo's blog sharing a tasty Christmas cookie recipe. On Monday 12/20, I'll be visiting DIK....well, actually Oskar Klaus will be visiting and discussing the pros and cons of being Santa's son. On Thursday 12/23, I'll be at Book Chick City, doing a "Where Stories Are Made" post...you'll get to see photos of my holiday-inspired office, including antique Christmas decorations from my Nana. And I'll be discussing how I stay focused on writing a series about Santa Claus even when it's a hot and muggy summer day! I'll also be visiting Ex Libris within the next couple of weeks, date to-be-determined.

Finally, my obsessive holiday reading extravaganza continues. It's a sickness I tell you, a sickness! Anyhoo, my latest Christmas erotica is KT Grant's fun, sexy story The Christmas Fantasy. Grant does a great job creating a plus-size heroine (Mandy) who is struggling with her new identity. She has lost a huge amount of weight, but insecurities still linger. Jackson, the sexy firefighter she pines for, thinks she's gorgeous and desirable just the way she is. (I love you, Jackson!) Not only does he dispel her lingering doubts about her own sexiness, he is determined to forge an emotional bond between them. Mandy's self-doubts are spot on and totally believable for a woman coming to terms with her new body. Jackson is a fantastic hero...he's sexy, protective, he wears glasses (yee haw!) and he's a firefighter, for God's sake. Schwing! My favorite bits in the story are when Mandy dances around after her first encounter with Jackson (so cute!), and when Jackson realizes he's fallen in love with the heroine, and wants the whole enchilada with her, not just sex. That's my kind of hero, and my kind of erotica.

If only all of us could have a glasses-wearing, sexy firefighter hellbent on our sexual pleasure for a Christmas present. It would be a very, merry Christmas indeed. ☺☺☺
Grade: A-

Hope all of you are gearing up for the big day! Please stop by and visit me on my blog tour...I would love to see you!



Tales of Whimsy said...

Thank you thank you!

As for Jackson, he sounds perfect and sexy. I have a thing for firefighters :)

Penny Watson said...

Hey Juju....congrats, baby!

KT Grant said...

Thanks for the wonderful review :)

Hot firemen nom nom.

Penny Watson said...

KT...thanks for the great story! Schwing!

Kate Richards said...

As a huge fan of the author, I hope to get to this one before Christmas. Firefighters...hmmm, yeah I will. I think I've read and loved every other book she has and can see why you enjoyed it so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful review of this hot and special Decadent story.

Happy Holidays!
Heather Bennett
Executive Editor
Decadent Publishing

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Hey girl, anytime you want you can take over my blog. ANYTIME!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Oh, by the way, K.T....a glasses wearing hero is SEXY! VERY SEXY!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Kate! I'm looking forward to reading more of her stories, too!

Penny Watson said...

Heather...thanks for stopping by...I really enjoyed this story...looking forward to reading more from KT Grant!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Julia...I totally agree about the glasses...that is so hot! Anytime you want to come on my blog and do a guest review or something, let me know. That would be really fun!