Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm Viral, Baby!

No, no, no. I don't have swine flu. My satirical post about the Amazon romance boards appears to have struck a nerve. Thanks to Babbling About Books, Read React Review, and Smart Bitches, I've had a boatload of traffic to my post. Thanks to all! Glad you like it.

Here are my random updates...

1) Daughter celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday. On her wishlist....high heel stiletto black books and a huge diamond brooch. What she American girl doll. Happy Birthday!

2) I've been in a re-reading frenzy. Finished Rachel Gibson's Simply Irresistible (alpha male jock and prissy run-away bride get it on), Christine Feehan's Predatory Game (awesome Ghostwalker book with hero in wheel's fabulous!), and Mary Balogh's Under the Mistletoe anthology....I re-read "A Family Christmas," probably my all time favorite holiday novella. So romantic!

3) Speaking of Christine Feehan, I emailed her (again) to ask when she was going to write Skyler's story. She answered (again)...."I don't know when their story will be told. I only know that when it is time I will be able to feel it and then I will write their story." UGH! Feel it now, CF! Feel it now!!!!!!!

4) I will be visiting Not Another Romance Blog today for an interview, guest blog post and cooking lesson by Nicholas and Lucy Klaus, and a giveaway! Please stop by for the festivities. Rita is having a month long blog party for the holidays.

5) Also, today is the last day for my giveaway. Please check out the teaser for Sweet Adventure, leave a comment for me or any of the Klaus brothers, and you will be entered to win!

6) I picked up my Christmas cards yesterday. They spelled my son's name wrong. $#%@^#% Okay, now I have to wait for a rush order with the corrected cards. Clear blue ocean, clear blue ocean.....

Hope to see you at Not Another Romance Blog!