Thursday, December 30, 2010

Random Thursday Updates

Here are some random updates and observations....

1) You know you're getting old when you're invited to a New Year's Eve party that promises to have you back in bed by midnight. O-kay. Sad, yet true....and the worst part is I love the idea! (Note to self: Get "L" tattooed on forehead in 2011.)

2) Read a couple of great books recently. In Too Deep is the latest Jayne Ann Krentz Arcane book...Fallon's story. I loved it! I cannot get enough of that funky paranormal stuff. Also, Do Over by Mari Carr was absolutely incredibly romantic and sexy. I adored the premise for this one (on 25th wedding anniversary, awesome husband from heaven re-creates all the couple's "first" special moments/places/events, etc.). are the man!

3) Forget about M/M manly love obsessions. How about some hot girly action? hee hee...seriously, KT Grant's The Princess's Bride is smoky hot and I love the hilarious take on The Princess Bride. Such a cute and funny idea! Not done with this one yet...still working on it.

4) I decided to re-kindle my knitting addiction. Had a killer trip to the yarn store; now working on yummy pumpkin-colored scarf. My daughter has informed me I look like a little old lady as I sit by the fire and knit. (Maybe I should knit an "L" into the scarf.....)

5) I am going to work on two items from my bucket list (see side bar) in January. One is a visit to the Blaschka Glass Museum at Harvard. I'm also going to work on my terrarium with Natty. I love the plant nursery in the's like a hot, steamy jungle in there.

6) My profound New Year's resolution....Be Happy. ☺☺☺

Hope all of you have a festive New Year's!