Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Penny's Favorite Themes In Romance

I realized this week that I am gravitating towards certain kinds of stories. There are certain themes that really rock my boat, and certain themes I can't stand. Here's a run-down....I'm sure I'll think of more later.

Favorite Stuff:

1. Older Couples Rekindling Their Spark

2. Big, Curvy Girls

3. Funky Stuff....such as autistic characters, etc.

4. Amazing Paranormal Stuff

5. Beauty and the Beast

6. Redemption of Tortured Heroes

7. Brotherhood-Style Books

8. Humor in Romance

9. Highly Romantic Stories (think Balogh)

10. Super Loving Alpha Male Heroes...I love this combo!

11. Alternative Families

12. Bearded Heroes (I know...that one's a shocker, right?)

13. Shapeshifters

14. Metamorphosis....girly-girl turns kick ass, etc.

15. Raw, Lusty Historicals....another great combo!

16. Intellectual Hero/Heroine

17. Foodie-Style Books

18. Snappy Chemistry Between Hero/Heroine

19. Beautiful Prose

20. Symbolism

21. Ethnic Themes...gypsies, etc.

22. Unique Voice

Here are some themes/issues that drive me nuts:

1. Contemporary Romance

2. Too Much Deep POV

3. Too Much Mundane Detail (what the characters ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner....blah blah)

4. Eroticas Where The Characters Fall In Love After 50 Pages of Boinking Their Brains Out

5. TSTL Characters

6. Hardcore BDSM....don't like pain and suffering

7. Big Misunderstanding (aka Three's Company problem)

8. Cougar Stories (older woman, younger man)

My new favorite is the more mature couple theme...I am searching out more of these books. Any suggestions?

How about you....anything really rocking your boat lately? Driving you nuts? Let me know!