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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lover Unleashed, aka Unkhool, Son of Ghouging Rheaders Ehverywhere

The Kindle version of JR Ward's Lover Unleashed is available for preorder at Amazon for $14.99. 15 bucks for an ebook!!!!! Thanks a lot, Penguin Publishing. This feels uncannily like Barbara Streisand charging $300 for concert tickets. Yeah, we like you, we might even love you, but gouging your fans is the ultimate in "unkhool." JR Ward and all authors who have loyal, steadfast fans, please stand up and say something to your agents, your publishers, and your readers. We don't deserve this.

Phenelope, Dhaughter of Ehxasperated Bheyond Bhelief Whith Eh-book Phrices


KB/KT Grant said...

Wait until you read about Manny's Shexual Hhealing. ;)

Penelope said...

Mhanny? Doesn't Manny sound like a little old Italian guy? Whad up with that?

Fiction Vixen said...

I feel your pain Phenny. Agency pricing really sucks. :(

Penelope said...

Fhiction Vhixen...It is pain that only a Brother can heal. Preferably while wearing leather pants.

KB/KT Grant said...

Mhanny has a way with this mouth and hands as does most Ward heroes do. Manny's the Italian stallion.

BTW, The word "whard" is in her dictionary.

Penelope said...

Do they really call him the "Italian Stallion"??? Hee hee...that is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Good on you Penny!

I love the way authors go nuts over people stealing their ebooks but do nothing about pushing publishers to price those same ebooks at a
reasonable cost to fans.

You should try purchasing in Australia. Sony informed me it was the publishers who price books not the sellers so come on authors. Do the right thing for your fans.

Double standards I call it considering what I spend on all their books supporting them!

Penelope said...

Hi Anon! Pricing ebooks that high is guaranteeing that pirates will stay in business. Why the hades should ebooks cost any different in the UK or Australia than in the US? That is craziness. It's a digital file, for cripe's sake!!!!

yaquelin said...

haaaa!!!! love it!! It really is so expensive to no fault of the author am I correct? ugh. I will still be dishing out the 15.00 at 12:01 sharp!!! woo hoo for kindle ;)