Saturday, February 4, 2012

Review of Mystic Ink by Casey Wyatt

Review of Mystic Ink by Casey Wyatt

I must admit that I was put off by the blurb for this book. For some reason I wasn't in the mood to read about gods, goddesses, sea nymphs and satyrs. This book takes mythological creatures and plops them into a contemporary setting--a tattoo parlor in Mystic, Connecticut. I've read various books with this paranormal premise, including Sherrilyn Kenyon's series, which I loved before it became repetitive.

But I must say, right from the start, Wyatt hooked me with her writing. I'm a sucker for good writing. And this book is extremely well written. It flows flawlessly, the pacing is perfect, the characters are full-bodied and interesting (sort of like a good Merlot...yeah, I still have wine on the brain). It has a lot packed in here....teetering on the edge of too much. Many characters, lots of twists and turns in the plot. But in spite of this, Mystic Ink works. I loved the main characters, especially the adorable hero who is sexy, protective, and fearless. The heroine is spunky without being irritating. The secondary characters are plentiful and colorful. But I think the most important thing here is the pacing. I was sucked into the story, I wanted to find out what was going to happen. It never gets bogged down with too much information (which can happen easily in a complex paranormal story like this). The sexual tension builds nicely, and the love scenes are toasty hot. Wyatt also does a great job setting up the next story. 

This is a great debut novel. I am most impressed with Wyatt's writing expertise and am wondering if she will branch out into other genres as well. I hope so. She's got a new fan.

Grade: A-