Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Penny Pens A Poem

In keeping with the Heart Month theme, I decided to pen my first poem since my college days. I've been inspired by Natasha Gdansk (the lost beat)--I especially love her poem Cockamamie--and Tom Andrews (deranged poet/flash fiction/short story writer, and staunch defender of the classic martini)--here is his latest poem, off the coast.  

Um, don't read their poems before you read mine. After, okay? :^)

Anyhow, here is the initial feedback about my poem....

"Interesting piece of poetry."
"It was rather traumatic, but I love the happy ending."
"Are you sure this isn't about coca-cola?"

So, without further ado, here is...... Timeline of a Heart Attack.

Timeline of a Heart Attack

Blub glub glub

Drip drip slip
Splash, bash
Crispy crunch

Flaky, buttery slub

Roaring, pouring
Dire fire, spiral
Twist and stuck
Sticky tack


Stagger to step
Fuzzy sand

Metal mesh
Mechanical tick
Crunch and rip
Flow, pump, rumbling banks

Streaming, streaming
Swish and swash

Pop, pop
Babbling fizz
Pip pip zing



You're speechless! Hee hee heeeeeeee.....

On the reading front, I just finished a quickie re-read of Dark Legend, and I am finally ready to start my new pile of books. Finally!

Don't forget....tonight is the big show-down on Top Chef! GO PAUL!



martinipen said...

Alka-Seltzer and bacon?


Donna said...

Having been with 2 parents when they had their heart attacks, I totally get the poem. Good job

Casey Wyatt said...

Love the poem,Penny!

Penny Watson said...

Ha haaaaa, Tom. Very funny. (The bacon part is correct).

Penny Watson said...

Thanks, Donna! At least somebody gets it!

Penny Watson said...

Thank you, Casey. I am now wearing all-black, and a beret.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I love the poem, I swear. The visual I'm getting is Coca cola bubbles in your veins. Now the Coca cola company is going to come after me...

Penny Watson said...

Yes, Julia, my blood is now flowing like effervescent cola....bubbly, happy, perky. Unfortunately for that image, I despise coca-cola. How about ginger ale instead?

martinipen said...

Truth be known, Penny, I rather like it. Very painted picture-esque. And like crinkling cellophane for some reason. Keep up the good work!

And stay healthy!!

Penny Watson said...

Crinkling cellophane! I'll take it!