Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm Back!

Natty made me a Welcome Home sign...hee hee! And got me a really cool terrarium, too.

Napa is so charming! Julia and I walked here on my last night, on our way to dinner at.....

.....Morimoto's Restaurant, where I had the best meal of my life. (And cocktail, made with vanilla vodka, lime juice and pomegranate juice). This dish is called bagna cauda. It had a hot olive oil dipping sauce made with anchovies, surrounded by beautiful vegetables. Heaven!

Super quickie reading update......

**Read Mystic Ink, the debut novel by Casey Wyatt, and I loved it! It's a mish-mash of mythology, romance and suspense. Extremely well-written, with a super-sexy and adorable hero. Can't wait to read the next one.

**Read Heart of Steel by Meljean Brook. This steampunk was okay. Not nearly as good as the first one in the series (The Iron Duke), but it kept me entertained on my airplane ride home.

**Started The Unlikely Wife by Debra Ulrick. I am loving this sweet, inspirational story.

**Did a quickie re-read of Christine Feehan's Predatory Game on the flight home. This is one of my favorite Ghostwalker books, with a handicapped hero in a wheelchair.

**Read Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley on the flight over to California. This book is crazy and all over the place. I couldn't decide if it was written by a teenage girl (pages of clothes and make-up descriptions, cussing out the wazoo, and poor writing, especially at the beginning), by a murderous biker dude (over the top serial killer storyline), or a romance-lover (exceptional hero....with an exceptional beard!). But after all was said and done, I freakin' loved it (coz I love wacky stuff, as you know).

Happy Friday! Huge thanks (again) to Julia Barrett for an amazing trip. Thanks, hon!


ETA: Check out my interview at Curves Are Fabulous!


Carolyn Crane said...

Happy to see you home! Thanks for the pics - love that welcome home sign. How cute and sweet.

Casey Wyatt said...

Thanks for including all of us in your journey to see the lovely Julia! And thank you so much for recommending my book. I am truly thrilled you enjoyed it. You've also inspired me to get busy writing Zephyr's book. :o)

Unknown said...

Welcome home! What a great sign.

The pics were amazing.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

That is a great pic! Makes me want to go back and eat that same meal all over again. Yum! You make Napa look so very good. It's not all peaches and cream, you know! But I did love seeing it through your fresh eyes.
Yes, you did get a lot of reading done. I sent you home with books too.
Like I said, when I can wrestle my husband's Kindle away from him, I can read Casey's book - really looking forward to it!
Miss you and give Natty a big kiss for the wonderful welcome home sign. That girl has a future!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Carolyn! Natty is very creative....I love the pop-up sign!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Casey! I enjoyed your book so much....can't wait for Zephyr's story. You did a great job creating your characters.

Penny Watson said...

Thanks, Amber! I am always impressed with the photos from my crappy little camera. :^)

Penny Watson said...

Hi hon! I also loved our meal at the Ferry Bldg...good thing we did a lot of walking, too. Thanks again for such a wonderful time.