Wednesday, February 15, 2012

136 Years And Counting....

No, this is not a furry foot rest. Or a hat. Or an ewok. It's Malachy, a Pekingese, and the winner of Best in Show at the 136th Westminster Dog Show. For the 136th year, the dachshund group was thwarted in its attempt to win the trophy.

Thwarted by an ewok.

A wire-haired doxie actually WON the hound group. We had a chance! A fighting chance! But this shimmering, shaking ball of fur beat us. 

Here is Cinders the weenie dog.....

Cinders gave it all she had, but alas, it just wasn't enough. She wagged her tail throughout the competition and was described as "perky" and "confident." 

Next year, maybe she should dress up as an ewok.

I have a feeling......

The 137th Westminster Dog Show is going to be YEAR OF THE WEENIE DOG! 

Thinking I should re-watch Return of the Jedi,

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