Sunday, February 19, 2012

Introducing....The Martini Club

I think most folks following this blog know my quirky interests. Weenie dogs. Hugh Jackman. Lumberjacks. Gardening. 1980s music videos. Britney. The whole beardy thing. Romance novels, of course.

And last, but certainly not least, cocktails. I like wine. I like girly drinks with umbrellas. I like manly beers. I like frozen slushy drinks. I love sangria. The list goes on and on....

And so, I decided, that Sunday--in addition to being the day of rest, the day for church, the day for reading the Sunday paper, and the day for doing laundry--is now going to be the official meeting of The Martini Club. This is an open club. For anyone who enjoys cocktails, wine, beers, moonshine, non-alcoholic beverages, smoothies, etc. You name it, I'll include it. Nothing is too highbrow or lowbrow. I'll consider Iron City Beer (Go Stillers!), I'll consider the finest champagne from France.

Starting next week, I'll be inviting guests to my blog to discuss their favorite drinks, recipes, memories of college parties, visits to vineyards, etc. Reviewers, readers, bloggers, authors, and even people who don't like beards are more than welcome to join The Martini Club. (Although non-beard lovers may be required to watch a short, subliminal film before membership is approved.)

Anyhoo, my first guest will be KMont, who has a kick-ass foodie blog (Full Fork Ahead), and a totally cool book blog, too (Lurv a la Mode). She'll be stopping by next Sunday, Feb. 26. Other guests coming up soon are Carolyn Crane, Julia Rachel Barrett, and Casey Wyatt.

Today I'm posting an old favorite, the mango martini. Here's a true story. After I made my first mango martini, I was so excited that I jumped onto my bicycle and put my silver martini mixer (filled with mango martini) in my bike basket, and rode down the street to my friend's house. Yes, I sort of looked like the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz, with a martini mixer in my bike basket.

So, anyway, I rode to my friend's house, whipped out the martini mixer, asked her for a glass, and poured her a drink. (She didn't appear to be that surprised that I had just ridden around the neighborhood with a cocktail in my basket. Go figure). Anyhow, she announced that it was sublime. was.

Here's the recipe....

Mango Martini

2 oz. mango nectar
1 oz. mango rum
splash cranberry juice

Mix all ingredients with ice in a silver martini mixer. Shake well. Strain and pour into festive glass. Enjoy!

Welcome to The Martini Club! Anyone interested in joining, guesting, drinking, etc. please shoot me an email (penelope DOT romance AT gmail DOT com). Also, The Martini Club will actually meet in person at the NECRWA Spring Conference in Salem, MA this spring. Don't miss it!

Here's our perfect theme song....hee hee hee!