Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Morning Updates: Sweet and Sassy

Sassy Part:

Conversation with my daughter last night.....

Nat: Mom, what's "Hammertime"??

Me: Uh......

Nat: What's that mean?

Me: Here, let me show you. (Gets MC Hammer videos on Youtube) Watch this. Knock yourself out, kid.

A few minutes later.....

Nat: Mom, watch this new dance move!

Natty starts doing the Hammertime foot shuffle thingie on the hardwood kitchen floor. She's sliding along the kitchen floor, back and forth, back and forth. I am laughing my ass off. Lucy, the weenie dog, is wagging her tail and decides she does not want to be left out of this fun activity, so she latches onto Nat's leg and starts humping for all she's worth. (I's weird that a female dog is humping, but evidently Lucy didn't get that memo). So, Nat is doing the Hammertime foot shuffle, Lucy is humping her leg as she glides across the floor, and I am laughing my ass off.

Who needs the freakin' superbowl?

Now, onto the sweet part....

Believe it or not, I read a Christan inspirational romance yesterday....and I loved it! The Unlikely Wife by Debra Ullrick is a very sweet and touching romance. Sure, it's a little bit heavy on the Christian stuff--there is a lot of praying and sermonizing--but the overall story, which pairs a poor tomboy mail-order bride and a well-to-do farmer out west, is adorable. This is a rated G story, but the sentiment is totally satisfying.

Grade: A

Weekend round-up.....Pats lost, Nat learned how to do the Hammertime Foot Shuffle with a humping weenie dog hanging on her leg, and I read a rated G inspirational romance and I liked it. Wacky!

Happy Monday,